Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summertime sickness

Summer is almost over you guys, and it has probably been the quickest summer of my life. It's already August which means that a) Uni starts in one month b) I have to actually start thinking about important adult stuff again, like what I will write about for my master's thesis (help me) and c) it's time to recap what I did in July:

July was pretty crazy at work. There were events in Turku almost every weekend, and it was definitely noticeable. One of those were Tall Ships Race, which me and André also managed to visit for a couple of hours. 

We also said bye to Tessa and Adam, who went back to North Carolina. It was so much fun to have them here this summer, and for our last hang out sesh they came to our apartment and we all had some delicious sushi!

Speaking of food, I've been very experimental in the kitchen. We got a lot of vegetables and berries from Andre's grandma (from her very own garden!) and since we had way more kale than we would be able to consume before it went bad, I made some green kale juice. It was surprisingly good as well!

Apart from work I've been trying to hang out with my family and friends as much as I can. I had lunch with my parents and brother at Sergio's (which was honestly a bit of a let down), me and André went to see Dunkirk (which was really good and also Harry Styles (1D Forever)) and a couple of days ago me and Emppu went sunbathing at Samppis. Unfortunately the weather forecast was totally off, and it was cold and windy so we pretty much just stayed wrapped in our towels for an hour, and then decided to have lunch instead.

This past weeks (or the past two weeks really) have been pretty exhausting, if I'm being completely honest. I've mostly been working evening shifts and on top of that I got a terrible cold. And because I'm the kind of person who never takes time off from work, I kept of working even though I probably should have stayed at home. So the cold has stuck with me for about a week now, now I luckily have a few days off so I can really rest and become well again!

Yesterday was my first of three days off and despite me just saying I needed to rest, I pretty much did the opposite. But there were so many things I needed and wanted to fix, so I figured I should do as much of that in one day, so that I can relax the remaining days. So yesterday I started my morning with a meeting at work, then had lunch with Cristel, I stopped by campus to fix some papers, did some grocery shopping, made some pulled chicken all by myself (which was surprisingly easy)cleaned, vacuumed, hung up curtains... It was a lot. But now it's all done and I have time to do other things, like write this blog post! 

Also been obsessively watching Married At First Sight

And last but certainly not least... I FINALLY GOT A NEW PHONE! My friends and family know that my previous phone (and Iphone 5 that I got in 2013) literally had a battery life of 30 minutes and would shut down by itself. The day I got the new phone I was gonna take a picture of it with my old phone for snapchat, and despite it being fully charged, it died. So yeah, I really needed a new phone. It feels so weird to be able to actually go a full day without charging... I'm beyond happy!

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