Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On to July

I can actually not believe it's already July. Like where did the last month go? Pretty much like last time I posted, I've been spending most of my time at work or at the apartment. We did however have an impromptu house warming party with my family last week, and I also met up with Emppu and Ella for a few drinks at Samppalinna.

Now I'm enjoying two days off from work, and so far I have managed to finally hit the gym but also chillax with Emppu. Tomorrow we are hopefully joined by some others for a movie night, and the day after that André finally comes home from the ferry he works on! I definitely miss having him at home (and I've already watched all episodes of Skam and OITNB, good thing I still have some episodes left of Netflix's new show Glow!)

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