Thursday, July 20, 2017

My not so little brother

Heyooo! I'm back with a post! And this time I've actually done other stuff than just working and hanging out at home. Exciting right?

I can start by saying that the dinner date at Nooa last week was delicious. I had a burger, and although I wouldn't say it's the best burger I've ever had, it was a very good burger. André on the other hand had a steak which he says is probably the best he's ever had, and the dessert was really good, so I would definitely recommend trying it out. The nicest thing about the restaurant is the fact that it is right by the aura river, so you have a really nice view!

On Thursday André went back to work for a week, and I was pretty much working every day as well. But on Saturday after my shift I went to Raisio to help prep for my brothers confirmation party, which was taking place on Sunday.

I bviosuly spent some quality time with my sista from another bitch

I cannot believe my little brother is growing up! He's already taller than me, and seeing him joking around with his friends at the confirmation made me see that he is really turning into a smart and funny young man. We are all so proud of you Maximus!

The party was a success as well, and I got to meet lots of my relatives that I see way too seldom. The food was delicious and the weather was perfect, so the day could not have gone any better!

Taking a family picture proved to be a little bit more complicated than we thought

That Sunday was the first weekend I had off from work this whole summer, so me and Emppu decided not to waste it by going out for some Sunday clubbing. After the confirmation party we got a ride to my place where we had some pre drinks and at midnight we headed to Forte. I was definitely in need of a night out, and I had a blast, so thank you Emppu for joining me :)
And these are the only pictures we took that night. Great success

The beginning of this week has been spent at work, doing evening and night shifts. The thing I like about later shifts is that I get to sleep in, but then again I've been working overtime most days, which means I get home later, which means I eat and take showers later, and go to bed later. Today is actually my only day off this week, and with mostly evening shifts (and one double shift on Saturday) and Tall Ships Race in Turku this weekend (they are expecting one million visitors in my town this weekend, which is literally insane) I'm sure work will be crazy hectic. Therefore today I'm just gonna relax and spend some quality time with André who is back home for a week!

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