Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Working all (mid)summer long

Hi again! I have a feeling there won't be too many posts on the blog this summer, but I will try to post whenever I have some spare time!

It has been a pretty cold summer thus far, but Åbo is still the prettiest!

Since last time, I've spent the majority of my time at work or at home, fixing stuff at the apartment. Work has been going really well actually, and all my co-workers are very nice as well! 

I also saw wonder woman last week and it was awesome! About time there was a female dominant superhero movie!

This midsummer (aka. probably the biggest holiday in Finlnd, at least in the summer) was spent at work this year. I didn't mind too much, midsummer has never been a particularly big deal for me because my family doesn't have a summer cottage (which is where most people spend their midsummer) and this wasn't the first year I worked on midsummer. Then again, André was free from work so it would've been nice to do something together. Luckily he had some friends that were staying in the city that he could hang out with while I worked!

Despite staying in the city for midsummer, we did have a few hours to kill on Friday so we drove to Hirvensalo to get some nice waterfront pictures! 

Midsummer was really busy at work too. Apparently we were the only restaurant open in the whole city, so we were packed from start 'til finish! It was pretty much go go go all Saturday so after a 10 hour shift it felt heavenly to drive home, drink a lonkero and eat some McDonald's :D

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