Saturday, June 3, 2017

School is out!

...well, in Finland at least. Today is the last day of school for many students in Finland (actually, university students usually don't have classes after the 1st of May) which means that my facebook feed was filled with pictures of students in summer wear and flowers in their hands. I want to take this opportunity to day congratulations to all of the students graduating, and also to my little brother for his excellent report card!

Facebook also showed a bunch of 'memories' from the past, most of which were "the last day of school" related, so I thought I could share them here on the blog!


In 2010 I was in the 9th grade which meant that I was graduating from primary school/high school. The last days of school I remember were filled with lots of activities. There was a floorball tournament where each class competed against each other and the winners faced the teachers. My class ended up winning the whole tournament! I also got an elbow in my lip which made my teeth go through my lip. I still have a tiny scar on my lip from that.

On the second to last day of school we had a talents show and it was the first time I sang solo in front of everybody. I had always been singing in school choirs and groups but now people would hear only me sing. I was pretty nervous but in the end it went really well! Lots of people came to me after the show and told me how good I was. It was also the first time me and my friend Emppu performed together, which is something we still do on occasion to this day!
Posing for a picture in the school bathroom was a must

On the last day of school I remember eating ice cream with my class, taking lots of pictures with my Canon (rip, baby) and getting a scholarship! I used that money to buy my first ever ticket to ruisrock!


In 2011 I had just finished my first year at Katedralskolan, and I had made lots of new friends. Me and my friend Ansku took part in a play set in the middle ages which honestly sucked. We showed it at the school's 'spring party' which was a day before graduation I believe, and people would start clapping before the end of the play in hopes of it ending. In the end people literally started walking out :D At the dinner afterwards I was already laughing about it!


To celebrate the end of the school year in 2012, we went to a summer cottage of my friend Nelli. We had also been there the year before and we had such a great time. This time though, there were wayy more people and in the end it got a little bit too crowded. So crowded that I didn't have a place to sleep in. I tried sleeping on the trampoline outside, but it was too light and the mosquitoes were killing me. In the end I think I slept a couple of hours under a table on the floor.

This was also the summer I got mono and my eyes were so swollen. I thought it was allergies which would have been weird because I never had them before. But since then, I've actually gotten hay fever! Just a couple of days ago I had to buy some anti histamine cause I couldn't stop sneezing!


2013 was a big year graduation wise, because I graduated from upper secondary school and got to put on my white graduation hat! The day was at first celebrated with the ceremony at school, then at home with family and friends (and I was surprised by how many of my relatives who lived further away could make it) and in the end in the city center with my friends. My family had moved into a new house just days prior to the party, so it was definitely a bit of a hectic week but luckily all the renovations were completed in time! From the celebrations in the city I remember my friend trying to sneak out drinks from the bar in her purse and spilling cider all over her bag. I also remembered waiting in line for a taxi for probably an hour.

When I started Uni, graduation or last day of school wasn't as big of a deal anymore, because everybody has deadlines at different days and classes are finished in May, after which you basically just start working. But the last day of school has always been something I've really enjoyed, because it is truly the first day of summer! And today I will celebrate it by going out for the last time in Nottingham!

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