Sunday, June 4, 2017

Here comes the bride

Moomin is one of the most beloved children's book series from Finland, and this week I came across this quote which not only is a great example of some melancholy and bittersweet Finnish philosophy, but also is a great reminder when times feel tough. The rough translation: "There is a lot in in this world which cannot be understood, Moominmamma said to herself. Then why should everything be the same as it usually is? Probably storms only exist, so that afterwards there will be a sunrise. - Moominpappa"

Like I mentioned in the last post, yesterday I went out for the last time here in Nottingham. The plan was originally to go to Bierkeller where they streamed the Champions league finale but when we got there we realized that the place was completely packed (the English do love their football) and the only person who actually wanted to watch the game wasn't answering the phone, so we went to Yates instead. They actually also streamed the game but we sat at the outside terrace, where there was plenty of room and no TV screens. 

We (or I at least) actually had a great time at the 'pre-drink' although it did get a little cold towards the end. We also found a goodie bag that someone had left behind from a hen do, and all got to try on a veil! In the end we all agreed that Kerstin looked the best in it, so she was crowned the bride. We also managed to stop by Las Iguanas for some 241 drinks, before heading to Ink.

Kerstin - our bride to be! 

I actually really like Ink, although it's a bit like a labyrinth, but I like the music they play a lot. I was in the middle of the dance floor when I checked my phone and saw that André had texted me about another terrorist attack in London. I immediately didn't feel like dancing anymore. My party mood just went away, so I figured I might as well go home. This was the third terrorist attack in the country during my exchange, and each time it's just as shocking and horrible. Sometimes you just think of all the things that happen in the world, and can't help but feel hopeless. Yesterday I felt a bit hopeless when I came home. And I really started missing my friends, my family, my boyfriend.

But in the morning I felt a little less hopeless. I started packing, I had burgers at Five Guys with Kerstin, I met up with Lisa, Elle and Betül at 200 Degrees for coffee, I bought some strawberries. Despite terror the world keeps on turning, and today especially I tried to cherish all of the little things, the wonderful and small things I really want to remember from my time here in England!

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