Saturday, May 6, 2017

Thai food all week long

Since I came back to Nottingham on Tuesday I've been trying to hang out with my international friends as much as possible, since it is my last month of staying here. On Wednesday we met up in the city center to go grocery shopping together because Elle was gonna prepare some Thai food for us. It was so delicious, although much more spicy than what I'm used to. We spent the rest of the evening doing pre-drinks at her house, before heading to Coco Tang at midnight. I had a really fun night but I was really tired and had a bit of a headache when we came to the club, so I left at a little after 1.

On Thursday I really had to start planning for my other essay, and I was set on just staying in my room and working on that for the whole day. But then Andrea asked me if I wanted to come to the city campus and study, and I thought why not, a change of scenery might do good. So I packed my incredibly heavy laptop and took the bus to the city. I got a lot done actually, so I definitely made the right choice.

On Friday after seminars I also met up with the girls for round two of Thai food. There is a food truck in town selling Thai food that Elle has been talking about for weeks so we finally tried it out. I had already had a salad at the campus so just went for some chicken satay skewers. It was really sunny outside so we sat down at the Old Market Sqaure and enjoyed our food, and we ended up sitting there for a couple of hours (or at least me and Andrea did). By the time it was getting colder it was time for me to leave, 'cause I had to pick up André at the train station. This weekend we are taking our 2nd citylife trip together to the Lake District, which is the biggest national park in England. So excited!

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