Thursday, May 11, 2017

T-R-E-N-T we are the trent army!

Terrific Thursday everybody! My week has mostly consisted of essay writing, which actually hasn't been that bad, especially if I compare to the stress levels of last May - I was finishing my Bachelor's thesis but also had three or four other essays on top of that. And not to mention that those essays had to be at least 10 pages long. This week I only had 2 essays to finish, both 2000 words (which equals around 5 pages) and I can definitely manage that! 

I did also have time to go and see some basketball. On Tuesday, the women's and men's teams of Nottingham Trent University (aka my uni) and University of Nottingham (the nemesis) battled it out in the Varsity Basketball game. I made my way to the Motorpoint arena at 5 to watch the women's game, and unfortunately no one else who had purchased a ticket could make it to that game. It was fine though, I really enjoyed watching the game and it made me want to return to the basketball court even more. I've actually messaged one of my old teammates asking if they have room for one more player for next season, so it looks like I'll start playing basketball again y'all. So excited!
There were also some performances by dancers and cheerleaders from both universities

Unfortunately the women lost, but luckily there was still the men's. The other's came a little before the start of the second game (thank god for that, I had to pee so bad but couldn't because I was a) by myself and b) holding our seats). The game was really intense and the atmosphere was great. And in the end, our Uni won!

After the game I rushed home because I really wanted to see the first Eurovision semi-final, where Finland was competing. I'm definitely a huge Eurovision fan and never miss it - unfortunately this year, Finland didn't qualify for the final, although I really think they should have. But I will still be watching the second semi-final tonight, and the main event on Saturday!

Currently I am sitting in the student's union building in the City Campus and I just finished my second essay! I was planning on working on it today and tomorrow, but I ended up finishing it now which means I don't have any more writing to do! 
A change of scenery did miracles to my essay writing pace, apparently

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