Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lake District

On Sunday we took one of the most amazing trips during our time here in England to the Lake District. Although the whole day was wonderful, the morning (or rather the evening before) started with a bit of a bummer. Me and André had both bought some sandwiches from the grocery store, since we had an early wake-up and thought it would be better to have breakfast in the bus. Well, just a couple of hours after we had put our sandwiches in the fridge, mine was gone. Somebody living on my floor had taken it. I was super pissed off and even though it's just a sandwich, I bought it with my money! It's just so disrespectful to go and steal somebody's food from the fridge. What do I have to do? Put labels on everything?

Well, all was almost forgotten in the morning and quite honestly I didn't get much sleep that night but I did manage to sleep an hour or so on the bus. We were really lucky with the weather this time too - it was sunny and pretty warm too! When we got to the town of Keswick, we were free to do pretty much what we wanted. Some people planned on doing the harder hike up the highest mountain in England, but with my fear of heights I really didn't want to do that one. Instead, we opted for the Catbells walk, which had a beautiful scenery and a hike up as well, not just as hard as the other one. 

I'm really glad we chose to go up Catbells, because it was absolutely beautiful! There was one little part of the hike which seemed too scary for me, but once André had ensured me that it wasn't that bad, I made it up the mountain without any tears! We had lunch at the first peak of the mountain, after which we descended and walked back to town. 

How happy I was hiking up Catbells

A decent lunch spot

In town we still had some time before the bus would start making its way back to Notts, so we went to a pub to sit down. I didn't get anything in the pub since I was just planning on getting something from a grocery shop for the way home. Unfortunately everything was closed since it was a Sunday, and I have to say that that is one of the things which bothers me with England - everything (except in London) closes so early! Like the clothing shops close at 6 on weekdays and even earlier on weekends! And most big grocery stores close at 4 on Sundays... that's so crazy to me, as if people don't need to shop after that :D

Jassi approved!

Anyways, the trip was great and I highly recommend visiting Keswick and the Lake District if you ever have the chance!

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