Saturday, May 27, 2017

La Familia goes Nottingham

For the past few days my family and Andre's family have visited us in Nottingham, and we have had a great time! It's been close to 4 months since I last saw my parents, so I was super happy that they came here to visit me, even if it was just a little over a week before I will be going back to Finland again. 

On Thursday they arrived by bus from London and me and André came to meet them at the bus station. I had been busy all morning tidying my room, picking up André who came just a few hours earlier from York, and making lunch, and that combined with the super hot weather we have had for the past couple of days (26 degrees!) meant that I was already so sweaty by mid day. But that didn't matter too much, all that mattered was that the family was in Notts, finally! After taking a taxi to the airbnb the parents had rented, we walked back to the city and had dinner at Wagamama's. We ended the night by having some drinks at All Bar One, doing some grocery shopping, and then we said goodnight and see you tomorrow!

Day two was a hot day as well, probably even hotter. After breakfast me and André took the bus (and a few bags with some clothes for the parents to take with them (thank god for that, not sure I would have been able to fit everything in my suitcase otherwise...)) to the airbnb and met everyone there. We once again walked to city and this time to the castle. I hadn't had a chance to visit the castle yet so I was super glad I got to go, especially when the weather was so good!

Our mission was to find a hat for my dad. I think we found a winner.

After touring the castle and the museum inside, we walked down the hill to the oldest Inn in England, a place which I had only seen from the outside but never visited before. They had lots of tables in the shade which made it a perfect lunch spot for a sunny and hot day. The food was pretty good too and the drinks were cold, so we were all pleased with our visit!


The rest of the day was spent doing some shopping, sitting in the sun with some drinks, and for dinner we went to Turtle Bay. The food at the restaurant was a bit of a let down, and service was very slow so I don't think I would go there again (for food at least), but all in all we had a really fun day together. 

The parents left this morning for London, where they will be spending one more night before returning to Finland. As for me and André, we have had a pretty chill day so far. It has been a warm but cloudy day, which was perfect for us since we did get a tiny bit sunburned yesterday. We decided to walk to Wollaton Park, where we have been once before. That time it was pouring rain and absolutely freezing, so we definitely enjoyed the visit a lot more this time. And we saw lots of deer as well! The only downside is that I have been suffering from some hay fever which meant that I was constantly sneezing and blowing my nose in the park. I have to remember to buy some medicine for that!

These last couple of days have been so much fun and I definitely feel like I have this newfound energy and excitement which I will try to take advantage of during the upcoming week - my last week in Nottingham!

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