Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A week of goodbyes

The exchange is coming to its end, and although I very much look forward to returning home, these last couple of days it has really started to set in that in less than I week I will say goodbye to all of my friends in Nottingham and I don't know when or if I will see them again. 

So this week so far has really been a week of goodbyes. First I said goodbye to André who went back to York, and since we both have final exams and presentations I won't be seeing him again until we are both in Finland. On Monday (which btw was so gray and rainy and dull) we took it pretty easy, just enjoying the bank holiday but in the evening we went to Mod pizza for our last 'date' in England. I actually really liked the pizza there and they had really delicious lemonade as well. Another funny thing that happened (a thing that happens way to often and has inspired the name of this blog) was that the woman making my pizza mistook my name for Jaspin. J A S P I N. Is that even a name? 

Anyways, on Tuesday I said goodbye to André and right afterwards I met Andrea at a coffee shop for lunch. This was also our last day together, since she was leaving the next day. Andrea is really one of the people I feel like I have gotten to know the best here, and she is truly a beautiful person inside and out. She has always had time to listen over a cup of coffee, and it was bittersweet knowing that she was leaving. Then again, she lives in Sweden, so only one boat trip away!

In the evening we were planning to meet up at a pub for some beers, but we really wanted to do something special so instead we surprised Andrea with a crepe party! I was really glad that after all the ifs and buts we actually made it work, and Andrea looked so surprised when she arrived at the pub and we told her that there was actually a change of plans. I love surprise parties and I've even received one myself, although that time the surprise was accidentally revealed to me by a snap from my friend. I still loved it though!

Today I've had some errands to run but I also went for lunch with some friends. The next few days will be spent studying, running errands, cleaning and packing (and a bit of 'last time' partying too). To end this post, here's a collage of me eating some leftover tuna and rice (which probably was too old to eat but I was too lazy to cook anything) after taking a shower in a bathroom I share with 5 people. You know, just the glamorous life of student living in England, not something I will miss quite truthfully! 

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