Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3 weeks

It's Tuesday which means that I have exactly 3 weeks left in Nottingham. With the pretty shitty conditions at my accommodation (like the cleaners not showing up for three weeks and people stealing food from the fridge) I've honestly been pretty done with this place and I definitely look forward to returning home. Still, I've tried to make the most of the things I do enjoy doing here - like hanging with my friends and André, which is exactly what we did on Friday with a little 'bar crawl'. We did just end up going to 2 places and most of the group went to a nightclub pretty early on to get in free, but me, André, Lisa and her boyfriend visiting from Sweden stayed at the latter place, Turtle Bay for a while longer. They have happy hour from 10 onward, which means delicious cocktails for affordable prices, who doesn't love that?

On Saturday it was time for the Eurovision finale which me and André watched from my computer in my room. The winner was ok in my opinion, not my favorite but then again I didn't really have a big favorite this year. One thing is for sure - worst. hosts. ever. That's one thing I think we can all agree on.

Sunday was the last day of sun before a whole week of rain, at least according to the weather forecast (and so far it's been right, unfortunately). We took advantage of it by playing some basketball outside, but for the rest of the night we pretty much just took it easy. On Monday André went back to York and with no lectures to keep me busy, I've tried really hard to avoid boredom. Yesterday after the gym I had a real pampering day - I bought a face mask and this hair lightening product to give my hair that sun-kissed look. My accommodation also organized a street food festival type of thing and they actually served Mexican food, ice cream and cake FOR FREE! So Monday was pretty much awesome.

Today I've been to the city center and done some shopping. I realized that my wardrobe mostly consists of dark clothes and that I needed some color in my life and eventually I ended up buying a red romper and a blue wrap around skirt. Tomorrow I planning on getting a head start on studying for my exam and on Thursday I'm going to York - and I've been promised a visit to a new Harry Potter shop that has opened there as well as a day trip to Leeds so I'm very much looking forward to the weekend!
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