Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We went to a Zoo

I was trying to make a clever reference to the movie "We bought a Zoo" in case you missed it (a movie I've actually never seen...)

On day 3 in London we had planned a trip to the ZSL Zoo! Now I know that opinions on Zoo's have changed from for instance when I was young, and I know that a lot of people think that animals shouldn't be "kept in cages" for our pleasure or entertainment. And I fully understand that side, and in an ideal world, perhaps things would be different. What I will say is that the people working, at least at the Zoo's I have been too, do absolutely have a passion for taking care of these animals, and the profits made from the parks not only go into catering and caring for the animals, but also into the research and preservation of those species which are unfortunately in danger of becoming extinct. And that's definitely something I am willing to put money into. Ok, now let's get on with the cute animals!

In the morning we woke up a bit earlier to make sure that we would have enough time to walk through the park, so we just had a quick breakfast at Starbucks and took the tube to Camden. The park itself was a 15 minute walk from the tube station, but Camden seemed like a really cool area so it was nice to get to see a little bit of it. We had already purchased our tickets ahead of time, and since we got there at maybe 11, it wasn't too crowded. First thing we did was head towards the 'animal families' area, because at 12 they had lunchtime for otters! We also saw some meerkats which made me think of my brother because he always played a meerkat when he was little, and some monkeys! But the otters were my absolute favorites - they definitely knew they were getting food so they hurled up in a little cute pile and made the most adorable sounds. I also found out that otters sleep in piles. Doesn't sound too comfortable but must look really cute!

The park was very big, and they had lots of different animals such as tigers, lions, giraffes, kangaroos, different birds, monkeys, butterflies.. you name it. So instead of telling you about every animal I saw, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Just me posing awkwardly, this is what happens when you travel with just one other person. My favorite is the last pictures, because the monkeys on the pictures are picking each others butts, and it reminds me of my friends Julle and Emppu. Love you girls!
Why did I pose with a pirana? Can't answer that question, actually.

The monkeys got walk around as they pleased in their enclosure. They were a lot nicer than the ones I saw on monkey beach in Thailand, which actually terrified me.

The minute I stepped into the reptile enclosure I knew it looked familiar, and then I saw that they had shot the snake scene from the first potter film at the Zoo. The rest of the time I pretty much walked around pretending to talk parsel and saying "Thankssssss"like the snake did in the scene. 
Ok, honestly, goats are the best animals. Like I am a goat person now. They are the queens of the universe. We don't deserve goats.

A little before the park was closing we started making our way back to the hotel, this time catching a train from another tube station a bit further away, since I had read that the Camden station was exit only between one and five (I'm so the mom of the group). It was a bit further away but on the way we walked though Regent's Park which was absolutely beautiful!

After taking this picture André said "Oh no, you looked away" and I taught him that sometimes girls do that on purpose in pictures, because it looks cool and artsy.

We ended the night with dinner at Steak & Co, a restaurant which has a specialty dish where you can prepare your own meat at the table. That seemed like too much for me and André, so I went with some ribs while he got half a chicken. The food was really good (although nothing beats Flanagan's ribs, sorryyyy) and the couple next to us was fun and we just had a great dinner all together!

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