Thursday, April 27, 2017

The weekly rec(r)ap

Since the past week was all about getting the London posts up on the blog, I will have to do a quick recap on what actually has happened in the past week!

Now this past week has been in a way uneventful, but there have been many moments worth mentioning. Most of the pictures are in snap form, so even if you don't follow me on Snapchat, you now get to enjoy my Snapstory from the past seven days!


  • On Wednesday I went out to Cocotang with Mathilde and her friend Mel and we met up with some other people at the club. I had a really great time with the girls and it was definitely the first time I was, aham, intoxicated here in Nottingham. I did end up going home quite early though, and thanks to lots of water and I good nights sleep, I had basically no hangover!
  • When you crave burritos, you make burritos. The only problem with making burritos for one person is that you will be eating burritos for a long time. I basically had burritos three times in 24 hours. No more burritos for me (for a while). 
  • Remember when a couple of weeks ago it was like 22 degrees and sunny? Those days are apparently over, and although I'm definitely glad that it's not as cold as Finland (where they had snow a couple of days ago), I'm hoping the weather will be better in March!
  • I also started writing my essays which are due in a couple of weeks time... after that I'm done with my classes at NTU.. what am I going to do with all my spare time?!

Who's a good boy?

On Sunday I was planning on staying in and continuing the essay writing, but the weather was so nice outside, so when Julia asked if anybody wanted to go to Sherwood Forest I definitely said yes! If you don't know Sherwood forest, it may sound familiar from the Robin Hood tales! It was about an hours bus ride from the city and there were a few touristy shops and a restaurant, it was just a pretty normal forest. But it was nice to get out in the woods for a change, especially when the weather was so nice! Plus there were so many dogs at the park, and one of them completely stole my heart! He came up to me and looked me in the eyes and just begged for attention! It really made me miss our dog at home :/
After a couple of hours we took the bus back to the city, and went to the Orange Tree for dinner and a pub quiz! The theme was St. George's day since it was St. George's day and well.. our team didn't do too well. But next time we'll hopefully have some more people with us!


  • Monday pretty much sucked. I started off the morning by spilling coffee on myself TWICE, and I was gonna have a presentation later that day. Luckily it wasn't very noticeable. When it was time for my seminar (and my presentation) I was the only one to show up. It was just me and the teacher. I mean I got some one-on-one tutoring, but still it feels a bit unfair that everybody else skipped while I did the work. When I got home I found out that basketball on Wednesday's had been cancelled, which is a total bummer. And then one of my neighbors was playing really loud music in the kitchen (which she has done several times before, even after I've asked her not to because the kitchen is right next to my room and I literally hear everything). luckily, the party moved to her room later on, but still, I was glad for Monday to be over.
  • This week has been pretty chill so I've had time to focus on my essays (one of which is almost done) and go to the gym.
  • The weather has been very strange - in the morning it will be sunny and then it will start to rain and one hour later sunny again. Global warming, anyone?
  • On Wednesday it happened again - I was once again the only one to show up to my seminar! And this was a different course too... now I'm contemplating whether people will show up to my seminar tomorrow? I'm done with being the only one there :D

Today I'm getting ready to leave to York for a couple of days which feels great, especially since this week has been a bit blaah. Like last night, I woke up at five because somebody was taking a shower and listening to music while they showered! Like I understand that sometimes you have to take and early shower, but be a decent human being and don't listen to music while you do it! People are sleeping, for God's sake!

I feel like there has been a lot of complaining going on in this post, but I do have some good news as well - We've probably found an apartment back in Finland! We haven't signed anything yet, so I will get back to you once it's all official. 

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