Monday, April 24, 2017

Oxford Street

Day 2 of London was completely dedicated to shopping, and after breakfast at our favorite place Cappadocio we took the tube to Oxford Circus. Since me and André have very different tastes in clothing we decided to split up so that we both could actually spend our time shopping at the places we wanted to shop - besides, I actually prefer going shopping alone. I'm just more effective that way!

Ready to take on Oxford Street!

I never truly understood just how long Oxford Street really is - during the three hours or so that I spent walking up and down the street I must have passed at least 4 different River Islands.. we don't even have ONE in Finland! In the end I was very pleased with my shopping. I got two new pairs of pants (jeans because the ones I took with me where totally worn out, and really cool light pink pants that I had been eyeing for a while), new shoes, a top and two new dresses. And the best part is that almost everything I bought was on sale! And yes, it's basically a whole new wardrobe (and how will I fit everything in my suitcase home? Suggestions are welcome!).

After I was done I met up with André only to find out that he had bought n o t h i n g for himself! So after lunch we went to Mango together and he actually ended up buying a really nice bomber jacket. 

We were truly exhausted after Oxford Street, so once we got to our hotel we felt like never leaving the bed. But after some resting we finally managed to get up, and headed towards a restaurant called The Banana Tree which was about 15 minutes away from our hotel. The place was really cool and they served delicious fusion dishes of different asian foods. Stuffed with delicious food and still feeling pretty tired, we headed back to the hotel and spent the rest of the night - you guessed it - in bed!

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