Saturday, April 22, 2017

London Calling

F i n a l l y I get to tell you about London! It's not like there's anything that's been keeping me from writing, but I've actually been quite busy this week, it being the first week after the break and so on. 

Our trip to London was kind of like a birthday trip, since Andre's birthday was on the day we travelled to London, and mine was on the day we left London (which I already wrote about). So the first thing I did in the morning was obviously to sing for my wonderful boyfriend and hand him his gift - a new shirt and sunglasses (which he helped pick out, so it wasn't really a surprise). After some breakfast it was time to take the train to London. Luckily the train went straight to the King's Cross Station which was close to our hotel, so there was not a lot of walking with our bags involved. 

Our hotel (which had for some reason changed names since we booked from Tune to Point A) was very conveniently located close to the tube station, so it was really easy to travel to anywhere we wanted to go. All I had to do was to get an Oyster card, which could be very easily purchased from the ticket machines at the station. But if you own a card with contactless payment you can actually use that in the underground as well, which is very convenient because most people now do have cards like that (but not me, 'cause I'm old school (jk, I don't know why I don't have one))

Almost immediately we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus and decided it was best to get most of the sightseeing done the first day. So we hopped of at Piccadilly and walked down to the Thames, saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and The London Eye. It was really cool and London was so beautiful! I imagined it to be much more busy and kind of dirty, like most big cities are, but the streets (at least where we walked) had no trash and there was a very nice, sunny and mellow vibe in the city. I was definitely impressed, and me and André both were just so excited for the mini holiday to begin. 

The flower close to Westminster Abbey of course reminded of the horrible acts of terror that continue happening around the world. One message came through very clearly though - Love trumps hate!

After walking for a while we decided to sit down for dinner at an italian restaurant called Strada. My pasta was very good and I think André enjoyed his pizza as well, and the staff was very friendly so it was a very pleasant experience. Afterwards we figured we'd get some birthday cake to go instead of eating in the restaurant, and we had seen a nice looking bakery close by called Ole & Steen. We went in and I told them it was Andre's birthday, and they were actually kind enough to give us one piece of cake on the house! So a big shout out to the lovely man working at Ole & Steen, I think both me and André had a bit of a crush on him after he gave us free cake :D

When we got back to the hotel we put on our pajamas, watched TV and had cake in bed - a perfect ending to a perfect first day in London!

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