Sunday, April 9, 2017

Exploring Edinburgh

On Monday me and André took the train from York to Edinburgh, and the train ride went really smoothly, especially since it went straight to Edinburgh from York. We both had quite heavy bags with us (don't judge me, I was gone for a week and a girl needs options!) but luckily our hotel wasn't that far from the station, and me having lived in Edinburgh for 3 weeks I knew my way around (not that it's that hard to get around, the city is quite small and compact). 
Had to recreate the photo I took at one of my favorite spots in the Old Town
EDIT: Clearly I'm living in the past.. the second pic is obviously 2017 not 2016! Hhaha

We stayed at a hotel called Rick's and we really enjoyed our stay there. The bed was sooo soft, the breakfast was good (although it was an English breakfast, and I would say that I prefer a continental one..but also they served breakfast until 11 which was great for people like me who like to sleep in) and we had a bathtub which was obviously tested on the first night (with a bathbomb from Lush, sooo relaxing). My only criticism would be that our hotel room was very closed to an alley where they had some sort of glass recycling and I'm guessing that restaurants would recycle their glass bottles there. I'm all for recycling but it made quite a loud noise when the bottles were dumped in the bin. I ended up sleeping with ear plugs some nights, but then again, that's what I'm used to doing here in Nottingham. I have to mention one other thing which I loved about living in a hotel - watching TV. I've always been a big TV junkie and watching Netflix from your computer is just not the same thing. Laying in bed watching TV though... heavenly!
We were pretty hungry when we came to Edinburgh, so one of the first things we did was to grab some grub. We come to Scotland and what is the first thing we eat? American BBQ! We just picked a spot close to our hotel which was relatively cheap so we ended up at The Filling Station. I have to say that I actually really enjoyed the food! After our late lunch we pretty much just walked around the new town and the old town. I got to act as the guide and show André around, and tell him the small bits and details I remember from my visit in 2014. Although we didn't see any Avengers celebrities during our visit ( the new movie is being filmed in Edinburgh atm), we did see a lot of big trucks and equipment which was used in filming "Mary Lou" which was the secret name given for the movie. 
The real castle on the hill

My hair was looking crazy from the windy weather

When you're travelling with just one other person, you mostly pose by yourself!

Because we had such a big lunch, we weren't really hungry but still wanted to grab something to eat. We decided to just get a sharing platter at our hotel, with some drinks. It was actually really nice, and the hotel restaurant was quite empty so it felt like we had the whole place for ourselves. After that we went upstairs, had a nice bubble bath, watched TV and went to sleep. Day one was definitely very relaxing and romantic.

Ending the night with a sharing platter

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