Sunday, April 9, 2017

Easter Shananigans

Hello! I'm back in Nottingham after a very exciting week, and I have lots to share with you! Therefore I have to warn you that there will be a lot of back to back posts this week.

I thought I would start with the very beginning of the break, when I took part in an Easter Bar Crawl organized by Citylife Nottingham. I had lots of fun, especially at Rock City, which was the club where we ended the night. The club had a huge dance floor since it is a concert/gig venue and I had so much fun dancing with my friends. I made the decision to wear heels though, which I usually do not do, so a little after two my feet had had enough, and I took the taxi home. 


Helloooo awkward dancing...

On Saturday I took the train to York (with much better luck this time, no delays or cancellations fortunately) and me and André had a really nice Saturday, making dinner together and watching Snowpiercer, which I have been meaning to see for such a long time. Kinda gruesome but pretty good On Sunday we took the bus to the city and had some lunch at Las Iguanas, and it felt like a nice start to our holiday together. Sunday ended in a beautiful sunset, and we were both really excited about finally getting to travel to Scotland together!

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