Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Arthur's Seat

On Wednesday it was our last full day in Edinburgh and we started the day by putting on our hiking gear and making our way to Arthur's Seat. Compared to the hike we did in Snowdonia, this climb was a lot easier and not as high, but still very beautiful. BUT it was actually really windy that day, and when we got to the last part of the hike, where it was the most step, I did start panicking a little bit. I just needed to take some calming breaths and wipe some tears and with the help and support from André I made it to the top! I know that André has really enjoyed the hikes we've done and I have been really glad to have done them too (although while going up I've been terrified) but I told him that if he's planning on becoming a mountain climber, he'll have to find another friend to join him :D But I think it was definitely worth it, even if I was scared!

I don't know why we kept taking pictures like this, looks pretty dumb actually :D

After looking at the views from the top for a while, we went a little way down the hill to have some lunch. It was really nice but sooo windy and pretty soon we started getting cold so it was time to head back to the city. 

Our next stop was Camera Obscura - World of Illusions and I think the name pretty much gives away what the place is all about. They had distorted mirrors, tricky pictures and fun interactive rooms where you could explore, well, the world of illusions. In the end we went to the very top of the building and got to see the whole city of Edinburgh from the Camera Obscura. 

My favorite picture of us!

After all the illusions we still went for a coffee at Starbucks, which in my opinion is one of the coffee shops with the prettiest view I've ever been too (because it overlooks the castle). We ended the night at T.G.I Fridays and had delicious pulled pork burgers, which were definitely needed after a loong day of exploring!

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