Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Hello! Easter break is unfortunately over and its back to basics, at least for a while (I actually only have 4 more weeks of classes... time flies by so fast!). Before I get into the last couple of days which I spent in London with André I thought I'd tell you about the last day of the trip, which was yesterday and it also happened to be my birthday!

I woke up with a kiss from A and a gift which was very much needed - a new perfume! And not just any perfume, but Daisy by Marc Jacobs which is one of my favorites. I also got a very cute card, but the best thing was just being able to spend my birthday with my boyfriend, especially since not being able to see my friends and family made me feel a bit homesick. 

Since our hotel didn't have breakfast we had looked up some places close by to eat, one of which became our absolute favorite and that's also where we ate on my birthday. The café is called Cappadocio and they had a wide range of different breakfast plates. Their scrambled eggs were honestly the best I've had (apart from the ones I make myself, obviously). After breakfast we went back to the hotel and relaxed for a while, we were in no hurry since we had payed for a later check-out. 

W´Don't worry, we didn't drink prosecco in the morning, this pic was taken the night before at midnight when it was officially my birthday//gift and card//the Bday Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs on toast, bacon and a nutella croissant//Even if leaving London sucked at least I got a free coke!

It was time to hop on the train and back to Nottingham. Again, going back after four amazing days in London felt a bit sad, but I was so happy that André was coming to Nottingham as well, even if it was only for one night.

For dinner we went to Zaap which is a Thai restaurant I have been dying to try forever. The place was so cool inside - it literally felt like stepping into Phuket. And the food was delicious! So I will definitely be going again!

The food was so good I forgot to take a picture of the main dish...

We ended the night by watching a few episodes of How to Get Away With Murder and today I was back to my 7 o'clock wake up. I also said goodbye to André but it feel better knowing that I'll be seeing him again soon. Plus, I have lots of work to do for school this week so I'm sure the time will fly by. Today the birthday celebrations continue for one more night, because me and a group of other exchange students are going out!

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