Monday, March 27, 2017


Hello! It's the Monday after an awesome weekend and I have lots of pictures to share with you, especially from our day trip to Wales yesterday. But those will be complied in a separate post, so this post will focus on the other fun stuff that happened this weekend!
First of all I was having a great hair day and it needed to be documented

So like I mentioned, André came back to Nottingham on Thursday, and on Friday after my classes we just took it easy and made some dinner before meeting up with the other exchange students in the evening. The original plan was to go and play pool, but the place we had picked out turned out to be a members only bar, so we ended up at a bar called The Bank instead. They didn't have a pool table, but the drinks were cheap and they had room for our rather big group, so in the end I don't think anybody cared even though we didn't get to play pool. 

The only picture I took on Friday :D

On Saturday the weather was so wonderful - sunny and close to 15 degrees. Me and André definitely wanted to take advantage of the weather and headed to the Arboretum to catch some rays for a couple of hours. Once we got hungry we headed to Wagamama's which is a place I have been duying to try out for as long as I've been in Nottingham. I guess it's mostly Japanese food but they also have some other Asian dishes. André had a Noodle dish and I chose the Chicken Teryaki Donburi and it was sooo good. That pared with the chili squid we had as an appetizer and the Japanese asahi beer, I couldn't have asked for a better meal. Definitely recommend on going!

The rest of the day we pretty much spent in bed, napping and watching How To Get Away With Murder. We just finished the first season and we're both dying to find out what happens next...

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