Wednesday, March 1, 2017

the weekend, bat-caves & pancakes

I'm just warning you, this post is going to be a little bit all over the place because it's been a while since I posted! Plus I'm in a hurry so watch out for spelling mistakes!

Like I already mentioned in the last post, André came to Nottingham this weekend and on Saturday we just did some light shopping in the day. In the evening the original plan had been to go to Annie's Burger Shack and I tried to make a reservation on Wednesday, but they were already fully booked by then. Instead I made a reservation to Red Dog Saloon, and since I've already been there once, I knew the food was good. The food was really good but I think I got the biggest burger I've ever had, plus I had some Mac and cheese as a side dish, and there was no way I could've finished my whole plate. 

Afterwards we met with my friends because we were celebrating Andrea's birthday! We went to a place called Pitcher & Piano, and it was actually a bar inside of a church, which was so cool! Of course I didn't take any pictures, but I still want to show you how it looks so I've stolen a picture from the internet.

Sunday was very mellow, we had some lunch at a chinese place, and just chilled in my room for the rest of the night. It was really nice, just laying under the covers, doing some reading, having a facemask on and watching a movie. We actually watched Finding Dory because neither of us had yet seen it, and I really liked it! I feel like if you've seen Finding Nemo, you're bound to like the second movie as well.

On Monday I had lectures, but during my lunch pause André took the bus to Clifton so that I could show him my campus! After my last seminar of the day we just made a quick stop by the room and headed toward Wollaton Hall, which is like a 30 minute walk from where I live. Wollaton Hall is an old mansion I guess you could say, and it's located within a deer park. It's a pretty popular attraction in Nottingham, and I think it's mostly because the last Nolan Batman movie was shot there. It's actually Bruce Wayne's house, which is pretty damn cool. So that's also why we wanted to go see it, but I actually had no idea that inside the building there was a taxidermy museum! So that was a nice surprise!
That's where batman lives! WE didn't find any batcaves though...

On Tuesday it was time for André to go home, but I will see him again in two weeks time when I'm planning on going to York again. We did actually manage to book a trip to London as well, so we'll be spending both his and my birthday there, which I'm so excited about! On Tuesday it was also Pancake day which apparently is a really big day here. I guess they celebrate it for the same reason we celebrate Fastlags tisdag in Finland - basically it was originally a Christian tradition but nowadays it's been turned into a day when we in Finland eat fastlags bulla and here they eat pancakes. So to celebrate, I met up with Lotte, Lisa and Justine at Lace House, where they were serving pancakes. It was really delicious, and you could top your pancakes with Nutella, whipped cream, honey, maple syrup, strawberries, blueberries, banana, and marshmallows. So you can imagine how it tasted, right?
The lovely Lisa and Justine. Lotte was also there, and although she is not in the picture, she is wonderful as well!

Today I had a really early wake-up and I was sooo tired but still I made my way to the 9 o'clock lecture. After Uni I met up with some of the girls fro some coffee at a really nice place, which specialized in grilled cheese sandwiches, which is like my new favorite thing. This day has been a bit hectic, and I've been having problems with my phone all day, so now I'm actually in a bit of a hurry to fix this post and fix my phone before I have to leave for basketball in like 20 minutes!

We found such a cool alley while looking for a cafe. I think there are so many cute hidden streets here, I wonder if I will have time to find them all? 

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