Wednesday, March 22, 2017

St. Patrick's & Shitty Hockey

It's been a while but I've been waiting for the pictures from St. Patrick's day to get posted on facebook, so that I could use them here. Unfortunately, they ended up not posting the one picture of me and André that I was really looking forward to seeing :( So that was a bummer but luckily I still managed to take some pictures myself!

The St. Patrick's Day bar crawl was a lot of fun and I especially liked it because all of the places we went to were new to me apart from the first bar. I really liked Revolution and their specialty seemed to be a very wide range of different vodka flavors. They had everything from peanut butter & jam to apple to birthday cake to popcorn, and although I did not have any myself, they looked and smelled really good. I also really liked the last club Pom Pom in terms of the look and kinda interior design of the place, but it was very crowded (not a surprise considering it was St. Patrick's day) and in the end I got very tired so we did end up not staying for that long. But I did have a really great night and I loved that André was there to experience it!

On Saturday I woke up with a soar throat, and I just knew the exchange student flu had finally caught up with me. Pretty much everybody I know has been sick and somehow I've avoided it, but now I must've been infected my André. So Saturday was a very chill day and we spent most of it in bed to be honest, but we did manage to make a quick trip into to the city to have something to eat. We ended up with Five Guys and omg, the burgers are just so. good. It was the second time I ate there and it was even better this time I'd say.

On Sunday me and André went to the movies to see Logan. We had both heard that it was good and it had gotten pretty good reviews, and although I thought it was good (and it referenced one of the books I just read for one of my classes here which got me real excited) I didn't find it amazing. It was just a little bit too violent for me and honestly, I'm not really that into Wolverine either way. Speaking of superheroes, I just read that the new Avengers movie will be filmed in Edinburgh during the time that me and André are there! Who knows - maybe I'll meet Robert Downey Jr in a couple of weeks?

My favorite character from the movie was definitely Laura, she reminded me very much of Eleven from Stranger Things... can't wait for season 2 btw!

On Monday it was time for André to go home, but not or long because he'll be here again tomorrow. His easter break has already begun and he has five (!) weeks off, and since everybody in York has either gone home or travelling, his campus is pretty much dead. Otherwise my Monday was spent in bed, trying to get better. Right now I feel much better than I did a couple of days ago, but I think I'm still a couple of days away from being completely well.

Yesterday me and some of the other exchange students went to see a friendly game of hockey between Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham. I obviously know that hockey isn't as big here as it is in Finland, but I still didn't expect the players to be as bad as they were! I mean, I would say that when we played hockey during gym class in high school in Finland we played much much much better than they did last night... The players were falling on the ice, not hitting the puck and it was all a big mess to be honest. So it was definitely a bit of a let down but at least I got to hang out with some friends and have a beer. And besides, the last hockey game I went to was an NHL game, so maybe my expectations were just a little bit too high :D

I was really feeling my bun yesterday, and so were other people apparently 'cause I got lots of compliments on them!

Today I've already been to the University campus for a lecture and seminar, and afterwards I stopped my Andrea's for some sushi and coffee. I've been contemplating the last to days whether or not to go to basketball today, and I've finally decided that I feel well enough to go, but I will try to take it easy. The weather is really awful today, so before that I will just crawl in bed and perhaps watch an episode of How To Get Away With Murder which me and André just started watching!

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