Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Living with strangers

I have a real good flow with the blog right now and I'm taking full advantage of it, because I know there will be those days when I won't have any inspiration to write anything. Right now though, the pen is flowing so to speak. 

Yesterday evening I met up with Josefiina since we couldn't meet during the weekend like we had originally planned. We had burgers at Five Guys and they were really good (and I obviously forgot to take any pictures...) but I was soo stuffed afterwards. Since I had never been there before I didn't know how big the portions would be and I got the regular fries and they were huge. Like I got a cup full of fries but there were as many fries in the bottom of the paper bag that there were in my cup. So basically it was like a double portion. Anyways, it was so nice to talk to someone from Finland. I feel like nobody gets a Finn better than a Finn, you know? 

The only picture I took that night, while waiting for Josefiina at the wheel

My lovely evening was a little bit ruined by the fact that one of my roommates (or one of the people living in the same hall as me) had people over last night, and they made a lot of noise. I mean, they left at like 12.30 so it could have been worse, but they were playing music really loudly for like an hour, someone was arguing with her boyfriend in the hall, and the walls are really thin here so you can actually hear everything. Then when I woke up in the morning I saw that the kitchen table was really sticky from spilled drinks and it basically smelled like Jägermaister. I sent the person a note under the door, just saying that the polite thing to do is to at least ask if it ok for the rest of us that you have people over on a monday (!) and then clean up after yourself. Well, the kitchen is still a mess so either the person is not home or just an asshole. 

A few more snapshots

Other than that, I've spent the day doing some work for my classes today, and I also handed in a repairs report to the reception, because the shower rail in the bathroom I use has completely come off. They said they would come and fix it today but there has still not been anyone to fix it, so I don't know.. I can't wait not to live in a student hall you guys! At least I'll really appreciate living in my own apartment when I get home :D

I also met up with Lotte briefly in town for some coffee, and even though she had a really soar throat and couldn't really talk so much, I had a lovely time. The plans for the rest of the night is having some pizza (I've actually only had 1 slice of pizza since I came here and it was completely burnt, so I'm like overly excited by having pizza for dinner) and skyping with Emppu!

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