Saturday, March 4, 2017


Yesterday was my second time properly going out to a night club here in Nottingham (the first time was the bar crawl, and since then I've gone to some bars to hang out with my friends, but I've always been home before midnight) and I had a blast. The plans for the night were still pretty unsure on Friday afternoon, since most of the international students are on a  trip to Edinburgh this weekend. I just knew I definitely wanted to do something this weekend, because just sitting alone in my room didn't really sound like a tempting offer to me. Luckily Elle, Betül and Laury stayed in Nottingham this weekend as well, so I went out with the girls.

I was really feeling my look yesterday, the top is from New look and it's also new! Plus it was pretty warn last night (close to 10 degrees) so I was just fine with only my leather jacket on!

I got a new Sleek Matte Me lip cream that Lotte has recommended to everybody (and now everybody has the same shade of lip cream, haha) and I loved it so much! It stayed on for the whole night and it felt really light on the lips as well. And it was only 5 pounds!

We went to a club called Ink, and obviously I had never been there before. The place was pretty big and had  4 different dance floors on 3 different floors. I would say that they mostly played electronic music, rap and r'n'b but my favorite dance floors were definitely the biggest one where they played electronic dance music and the one where they played some more popular music, like Drake and Beyonce (so basic, I know). The drinks were also so cheap (like in most of the clubs here) but not very strong I would say. I mean you can get a shot and a vodka mixer for 4 pounds, but I didn't really feel drunk at any point of the night. But at least I didn't have a hangover, which is always a good feeling! 

I had a really nice time with Elle and Betül, it was especially fun because I haven't really hung out that much with them before, so we really got to bond and get to know each other better! I stayed until a little bit before 3 am and then decided to catch the last bus home. While I was waiting for the bus I witnessed a pretty scary scenario. Suddenly an ambulance stopped right next to the bus stop and apparently there was a guy in a taxi that was injured. When they got his out of the taxi, it almost looked as if he had been stabbed or something... I don't know what had happened but the police was interrogating his friends and they seemed pretty shocked. At least the guy was able to walk o his own, so I do think he'll be okay. I've been trying to find out online about the incident but there's nothing on it, so maybe it wasn't that bad!

Today I'm just going to take it easy for the most part of the day, but at around 7 I am meeting Josefiina, the Finnish girl living in Nottingham. I'm not sure what we're doing, I just asked her to go somewhere and sit and maybe have something to eat and drink, and since she's already lived here for over a year, I figured she would know better where to go. So we're meeting up in the city center and then we'll see where we go! Tomorrow I also planning on going to the basketball session which I am really excited about, because the last session was so much fun!

Btw, speaking of Edinburgh (in the beginning of the post but still) me and André booked hotels and train tickets to London, Edinburgh and Glasgow a couple of days ago! Since we both have our easter breaks in April, we will first go to Scotland in the beginning of April and then spend our birthdays in London. I am beyond excited and I can't wait for April to be here already!

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