Monday, March 13, 2017

I'm a witch

The last week pretty much flew by and now it's already Monday again! Last week I had something fun planned for pretty much every day, starting with some coffee in a cute cafe with some of the girls, as well as some shopping. I also had basketball in the evening, which is pretty much always a great time. The last session was really fast-paced, and I was so tired afterwards, I fell asleep before midnight, which is pretty unusual for me!

I also facetimed with Emppu and I miss her (and my other friends) very much!

On Thursday the weather was so nice, and England isn't exactly known for having good weather, so I took the most out of the sun and headed to the Arboretum, which is a park close to the city campus. It was so nice to just sit in the sun and read a book, but I did also get company from Lisa and her boyfriend later on. I'm definitely heading back to that park again, as soon as the weather allows it! In the evening I went to Andrea's place for some wine and crackers, and we also made a very brief appearance at the meet and speak. All in all I had a wonderful Thursday, but I couldn't wait to go to bed because on Friday I was heading to York to see André!

Decided to start in time on a book which I will have a presentation on this Friday. I was feeling a bit panicked because the book is over 500 pages! When I took a closer look, however, noticed the book actually consisted of four different books, and I only had to read the first one, which was like 120 pages. I felt very relieved, to say the least...

Apparently though, I have terrible luck with trains. Last time I took the train to York it was over 40 minutes late - this time the whole train was cancelled! Fortunately there was another train I could take, but it did leave an hour later, so I was forced to wait by the station for that time. I was pretty frustrated, just because my trips to York are short as it is because I have classes on both Friday and Monday. The most important thing I guess is that I eventually made it to York and had a really wonderful weekend!

On Saturday André made me some pancakes for breakfast (how lucky am I not to have a man who makes me pancakes?) and after lunchtime we headed towards the city. We just strolled around for a bit, but also had a light lunch snack in form of a roast sandwich from the York Roast, and at three we had tickets to the York Dungeons. The Dungeons is basically an interactive theater, which tells the (rather scary) stories of York in the medieval times. I've actually been to the Dungeons in Edinburgh before, and it was one of the favorite things I did there, so I definitely wanted to go to the one in York as well. I don't want to give too much away if there's perhaps someone thinking of going, but I laughed and I screamed and eventually I was burned at the stake (it's true, I'm actually a witch). Anyways, I highly recommend going if you have a chance!
The flowers by York Minster were beautiful!

Awkward posing, lol

On Sunday it was already time to leave, but this time I did not feel as sad as the last time (didn't even shed a tear!) because I knew I would see André soon again. And although I love to go to York, I do have to say that two people sleeping in a bed that is meant for one person is not very good on my back... luckily I have a pretty big bed here in Nottingham where we both fit just fine! This week I feel like is going to go by even faster, because I have lots of things to do: Tomorrow we are celebrating Anne's birthday and I'm actually going a bit wild and going out in the middle of the week (can you believe it? Little old me! I used to do it plenty of times in my younger days but it's been a while, I have to say). On Wednesday I am planning on attending my nine a clock lecture (oh lawd help me) and I obviously have basketball in the evening, then on Thursday evening André will be here so I'll have to finish my homework, work on a presentation and go grocery shopping and on Friday we're going on a St. Patrick's day pub crawl! Fun week ahead, and I'm soooo ready for it!

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