Friday, March 31, 2017

Hello Easter Break!

Today is the start of my Easter break, which also means that I've been in Nottingham for two months and I'm halfway through my exchange. I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on my time here so far, and maybe also give you a better insight into how a normal day would look for me here.

One thing I've definitely noticed here (but I wouldn't say it is a surprise really) is that I really love living in my hometown and in my country. Although I obviously appreciate all the wonderful experiences I've gained through my exchange and I do love travelling to new places, I can't really see myself living abroad in the future. There's just no place like home to me!

The courses here have been more demanding when it comes to workload (three novels/books per week) but generally I think my courses back home have been more demanding. I think it's mostly because here in England, we will only be assessed and graded on our final essay or exam, and that counts as your final grade as well. In Finland the lecturer will take into consideration all the work you do or produce during the course - that includes assignments, homework and usually even participation. Therefore the motivation is higher to actually do the work throughout the course - not just count on writing a good essay. 

The days have gone by very quickly here, probably because my weekly routines keep me busy, even on those days that I don't have any courses. I also have to say that we have a really great group of exchange students here, so you'll always find someone to hang out with and very rarely do I feel lonely. And I obviously do get to see André very often, which I know is one of the hardest things for the other exchange students who have their boyfriends/girlfriends back home.

Starting from next week I get a break from those routines and I'm obviously so excited about travelling together with André, but I can't lie and say that I'm not looking forward to staying in a hotel! No more dirty kitchen sinks, overflowing garbage cans or weird odors in the bathroom! 

Today I'm going on the last bar crawl before the Easter break, and then tomorrow I will take the train to York! From there we'll travel to Edinburgh on Monday, and I won't be back until next Saturday. So until then, have a great week everybody!

Bye bye Raleigh Park! (The building on the right, that's where I live)

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