Monday, March 6, 2017

A weekend alone

Hello! Today the sun has been shining and it truly feels like spring, which has put me in a great spirit! That wasn't really the case last night, I was feeling a bit down, a bit home sick and well, just lonely really. My friends from here were almost all in Scotland for the weekend, and although I had plans to meet up with Josefiina on Saturday evening, the plan fell through in the last minute, so I spent the night in my room (which felt fine at the time, I watched two movies actually). Oh, and I'm totally not blaming Josefiina, I completely understand her reason for not making it and I'm actually meeting her later today!

Then on Sunday I went to play basketball, and although there were only 4 of us at first (playing two against two is so hard you guys) two others joined later and we actually ended up playing for almost 1,5 hours. When I came home I watched a movie as preparation for my class today. I was actually feeling fine right up until I facetimed with André and I just felt like I had been alone the whole weekend. I guess it was just the fact that I hadn't really seen anybody on Saturday and Sunday, other than the guys I played basketball with, and I'm used to always being surrounded by friends and family. I guess its important to have those moments too, and it's a part of the exchange experience!

Luckily all of my friends are back now and I'm planning on hanging out with them as much as possible this week! Hopefully I'll also get to facetime with some of my friends at home, and with my family of course. I'm also going to York this weekend, so it won't be long before I see André again. 

I'm gonna really try to embrace the wonderful sunshine we have here in Nottingham this week, and appreciate the time I have here, even if it means feeling lonely sometimes!
The weather today was essentially as warm as it usually is in late spring in Finland, which we call terassi-ilma or terrace weather. When it gets warm enough (or even if it's not warm but still sunny) we usually go out to the boats by the aura river for a drink. Here is a picture of my friends Essi and Emppu from one of those days last year, and the aura river when it is most beautiful!

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