Monday, February 6, 2017

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

It has been a hectic day.

Today was my first official day of classes and it just so happens that each day that I have classes, I at first have the lecture for the course and on the same day, either a couple of hours later or straight after the lecture, I have my seminar for the same course. I like my schedule that way - it means that each day I only have to focus on one specific course, and I also have a full day without any classes to prep for the seminars!

The course I had today is called Black Writing in Britain and basically we'll read and discuss literature written by black British authors, which is very interesting because I can't say that I have much experience of reading black British literature. I think we were something like 60 people (maybe?) attending the lecture and then a group of maybe ten people at the seminar. The lectures and seminars were pretty similar to what I'm used to, the one big difference was that attendance was taken through an app! Basically you had to download the official NTU (Nottingham Trent University) app and there you could scan a QR code which was visible on the big screen. I must've pressed the scanner like three times, just to make sure it was working.

After my lecture I hurried to the bus to meet up with André at the train station. Since you need a key to lock my door from the outside, and his bus wasn't leaving until three, we decided that I would go to my lecture and then meet him at the station for some lunch, where I would get my keys and also say goodbye to him. We had such an amazing weekend together and there's really no one else I love to hang out with more than him, so it was sad to see him go. Luckily, it won't be that long until we see each other again!

After saying bye to A, I caught a bus back to the campus and my seminar. I feel like I've spent the majority of today in a bus, 'cause after the seminar I once again took the bus back to my apartment, and I had approximately 20 minutes to change and get ready before I was rushing to the bus again, this time to campus (again). I met up with Laury, the french exchange student I met, because we we're going to play some Volleyball. At NTU they have lots of "play for fun" classes, which means that you can try out or just casually get together with groups of people to play different sports, such as table tennis, volleyball, basketball, rugby and dodge-ball. I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily very good at Volleyball (I definitely am a terrible server!) but it was fun to try out something new with lots of new people! However, my arm is already really bruised so next time, I think I might try out basketball, since it's a sport I can actually play!

After the class, I once again took the bus home (for those of you who were counting, that's 3 times from the city center to the campus in one day! It must be a new record...), and finally I was met with the infamous British weather. Cold, dark, rainy - not so nice but not so foreign either. After a long day of goodbyes and new things, I'm happy to just lay in bed this evening. Tomorrow I'll definitely sleep in, and get going with my course readings!

I don't know what to say about the first picture//Literally only had a 20 minute quick stop at my apartment today//Mondays...

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