Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Internationals

Yesterday was another day of new and exciting experiences. 

I had a lecture at nine, which meant getting up at 7 since I always have to save at least 45 minutes for the bus rides, and I hate being in a hurry. The class I had yesterday was called "American Topics - landscapes and cityscapes" and we'll be reading and discussing American (or U.S) literature set in different landscapes. It was very interesting but it did seem like this course required a bit more work than the other course I had on Monday. Also, I have to say that at my home university they don't offer a lot of courses in American literature, so far I believe I've only had one, but I'm excited to get the oppurtunity to learn more on this course! I also had my seminar for the course after the lecture, and my group seemed really fun so I'm sure I'll have a great time, even though the workload is heavy.  

Me and Laury at the lecture

After my seminar I headed to the "Basement Bar" at the campus where they had organized a free lunch for new international students. I was a bit nervous going there, just because I wasn't sure if anybody was going to be there. But when I got there, I was greeted by a table of friendly and chatty girls. I met people from France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary and Sweden, and we spent the two hours talking about our time in Nottingham so far. It was so nice to find some people who are in the same boat as you - n a new city, looking for some company and people to hang out with! So today I'm going for lunch with some of the girls and later we're attending this "Meet and Speak" event, where you can meet even more international students!

After the lunch we all took the same bus home from campus (most of us live close to the city) and while the rest went shopping, I headed home. I was feeling very tired from the already long day, and I definitely needed to rest a bit because at 7 I was going to try out basketball at the city sports hall. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous - although I played basketball for 10 years, I haven't played properly in a couple of year, and I didn't know how good the other people were going to be. When I got there I talked to some of the other people (a few internationals and some girls) and they were all super nice, so the nervousness went away and the excitement kicked in! I also talked to a girl from the Netherlands who had been going to the basketball sessions for a month now and was so excited about the fact that there were other girls there, 'cause usually she was the only girl (and she said that some of the guys were being selfish and not passing the ball to others, especially not the girls...).  Me and the girl (her name is Charlotte, btw) were put on the same team and we (and the others from our team) played so well! Everyone was really surprised at how good we were and were telling us that we should play for the NTU Women's first team! I don't know about that yet, all I know is that I had such a great time and I'm definitely going back (first I just have to buy some better shoes 'cause the only sports shoes I packed weren't really suitable for playing basketball).

I didn't take any pictures from basketball but here is a throwback to when I played in Finland... can you spot me ? :D

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