Thursday, February 16, 2017


1. Doing the laundry for the first time here. The good thing is that they have dryers, because I would definitely not have room to dry my clothes in my room! 2. A starbucks coffee date with some of the girls. They never get my name right though... 3. My Sunday started with a basketball training, which is never wrong. 4. After cold and rainy weather the sun finally made an appearance!
1. My valentine's day was spent alone for the most part, but I did manage to meet up with the internationals in the evening and had a skype movie date with André. 2. The plan was to have some pizza at Justine's place. 3. Unfortunately we burnt our pizza - still got a few good pieces though! 4. Sarah is the sweetest girl!

Today I'm just going to take it easy, I know some of the other international students are going to the meet and speak event again today, but since I already went last week I'm not really keen on going today. Plus I am going to York tomorrow (!) so I definitely have to pack my things and clean the room so that it's nice and fresh when I get back!

Today is also Bänkskuddardagen or Penkkis in Finland. It's technically the last day for the seniors in upper secondary school, so they celebrate by driving around the city center in trucks, throwing candy to the people who are watching them. So I wish a fun day to all the senior's (or Abi's, as we call them) celebrating today!

Kinda crazy to think that we had the future president of the United States on our truck...

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