Saturday, February 25, 2017


Thank goodness the weekend is here! For some reason this week I've been so tired in the mornings when I've had to wake up really early. It might also be that I've been pretty busy I guess. Despite that I would describe my week as very mysig which is Swedish for snugly, at least according to the online dictionary. I would rather say that it means that something feels nice and homely. So my week has been nice, and now that I've been here for three weeks, I feel like I know my way around. It's not home, but it feels more homely.

On Thursday I had my day off from lectures, so I took the opportunity to clean the room, go grocery shopping, and I also made some breakfast bars. I saw the recipe of Facebook and I figured I'd try it since I'm really bad at eating breakfast in the morning. Basically I just mixed some dried fruits and some crunchy cereal together with honey and peanut butter, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes, and once mixture had set I cut up the bars, wrapped the bars in baking sheets and put them in the fridge. So now I can just grab one in the morning and eat it on the bus or something!

On Thursday evening I also went to the meet and speak event at Lace House, but before that me, Andrea and Lotte met up for a drink (and a coffee) at a place called baresca. I had a mojito which was really good and the atmosphere was really cool and chill, so I would definitely go back there. The meet and speak was fun too, I got to see many of the international friends I've made here, and talk to some new people too!

Friday was specially exciting, because André was coming to Nottingham in the afternoon. We had a really nice evening - we made some tortillas which were delicious, watched Louis Theroux documentaries and facetimed my family. Today were gonna go to the city for a while, and later on we're also having dinner and meeting up with Andrea who is celebrating her birthday today! So I have a fun day ahead of me, hope you readers also have one! 

In my last seminar of the week we had some groups presenting the texts we had to read for the week. In Finland we've always had lots of presentations in school so I would say I'm pretty comfortable with talking in front of the class and doing it without the support of a paper or notes. But here all the presenters basically read straight from their powerpoints, didn't look even once in the audience, and talked so fast that the only note that I had time to make was the title of the powerpoint presentation! I was quite shocked I have to say - I mean we're University students! I think you should be able to have a presentation without looking at the computer screen!

(Ps. According to the statistics of my blog, most of my readers currently are from the United States! I'm curious as to how this happened, so if you happen to be from the U.S (Or some other country), I'd love to hear from you in the comments!)

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