Sunday, February 12, 2017

Meet and Speak.

Hi again! It's been a couple of days and that's because I've been pretty busy getting to know new people, the city and the campus a little bit better. So here's what I've been up to:

The free lunch in the Global Lounge at the city campus turned out to be packed, so we actually went to the lunch restaurant next door instead with some of the other international students. I think it's quite hard to find a healthy lunch place here - everybody basically eats chips (or as I would call them, french fries) with fried chicken or burgers, and many of the British students just have a bag of crisps (or as I would call them, chips) for lunch. I'm used to eating a real meal as lunch, but luckily you can still get that at my campus (and it's quite cheap too!). 
A few snapshots from Thursday (you can expect a lot of pictures of the wheel!)

Later that same day I met up with the other girls I have gotten to know for some drinks, after which we went to the "Meet and Speak" event at Lace House, where you could meet other exchange students. I actually met a Finnish girl, which was really cool because I haven't met any other Finns in the city yet. She actually said that I was maybe the fourth Finn she had met in Nottingham, and she had already been studying here for a year and a half. Lace House was really cool actually, but it did get quite crowded quickly and the music was waayyy too loud. It should have been called "Meet and Shout", 'cause that's what we were doing. I started making my way home at 11, so that I wouldn't miss my last bus, plus I had classes in the morning so I figured it was best to get a good night's sleep!

On Friday I had the first lecture in my third course, "British Women Writers Between the Wars", and the course seems really interesting, so I'm pretty excited about the lectures and seminars. After my classes I took the bus to the train station to get a railway card which was a whole procedure in itself, and by the time I got home I was pretty exhausted. Luckily I had a few hours to relax before I had to get ready for the Full Moon bar crawl I was attending in the evening. But I think I'll tell you more about that in a separate post!

Just a preview of the bar crawl look!

Today I've been pretty productive, despite not doing any reading for my classes. I vacuumed my room (took me like 1 minute, it's so small haha) and I got myself a laundry card and washed my clothes. I also bought some shoes for basketball (original price was 70 pounds and I got them for 30! I love a good bargain) and met up with some friends in the city center. Everybody was craving burgers after last nights bar crawl so we tried a place called Red Dog Saloon and it was really good! The service was nice, the food was delicious and they had corn on the cob! Everybody who knows me, knows that I love corn so I was a happy camper!

I couldn't have asked for a friendlier group of girls! And all from different places too -  The Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden, France and Finland represented in the picture above!

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