Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let's talk about coffee

Today it's been my day off, and it started quite nicely with a good nights sleep and sunshine which peeked through my curtains in the morning. I decided to have a very slow and mellow morning, since I didn't really have any particular plans for today. I also started reading some of the texts for my lectures next week. I have to say that since there is so much to read for each course, I'll have to come up with some sort of reading schedule so that I first of all finish all the texts in time, and also don't get bored of reading. I've already noticed that some of the texts are public domain and therefore you can find free audio books of them online. I think it'll be a nice change, to listen to some of the books rather than reading them!

A little after noon I started getting ready and since I was listening to the audio book for Henry David Therou's Walden (I am extremely glad that there is an audio book available for this work 'cause I wouldn't say it's an easy read...) I thought I might as well curl my hair while listening to the book, just for fun. Once I was done getting ready I took the bus to the city and searched for a place to sit down and have lunch. I noticed a cool cafe called Wired, and ordered a coffee and a chicken and pesto foccacia. I was beyond happy when I saw that they had black coffee,  but it wasn't really the black coffee I was looking for, it was a lot stronger, like a triple espresso shot almost.  I'm finding it difficult to just find a normal cup of black drip coffee with milk here. All of the cafés have lattes, mochas and americanos but really, I usually just prefer a normal coffee with some milk. And since I'm not planning on buying a coffee machine, I'm drinking instant coffee in the morning (not ideal), but I did manage to find the Clipper "Super Special Organic Coffee" at Waitrose today, which my friend Matilda once bought me and is the best instant coffee I've ever tasted! So now I'm so excited to have some good coffee in the morning! Truthfully, I haven't had a good cup of coffee here yet, or at least not the kind I prefer (and sorry people, Costa Coffee is not good).

One of the books I'm reading for my Black Writing in Britain course is The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon and from the texts I've read so far, it is certainly my favorite!

The wall at Wired was vigrant, colorful and very cool!

After my lunch, I decided to go to some of the cheaper shops to buy some of the stuff I was still missing. I visited Primark, Tk Maxx and Tiger and managed to get most of the things I needed, such as a plate, some drinking glasses, a can opener, a charger and a hoodie. After a couple of hours of shopping, I took the bus home.I'm not really planning on doing anything else today, other than prepare for my classes tomorrow and maybe (if I'm feeling really diligent) clean the fridge in our kitchen.

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Matilda said...

Fun to read my name! Keeping up with your adventures, hope youre having a great time. x