Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hello Nottingham!

It has been a loooooong day but I'm finally in my own room. 

Like I mentioned, my trip today started at 3.30 when my bus left from Turku bus station and headed towards Helsinki-Vantaa airport, where I arrived at approximately 6 o'clock in the morning. I checked my bags and ate a very over-priced breakfast (7 euros for a chicken-bacon sandwich?! And that was the cheapest thing I could find...) and then boarded the plane at 8. I flew with Norwegian and managed to get an hour of sleep, which was much needed!

The flight went well and so did the passport control and baggage claim. Once I exited the airport it was time to find a train. The ticket sales for the trains were right at the exit, so I told the man working at the desk where I was going. He informed me that the next train left in 10 minutes and the ticket was 70 pounds. 70 pounds?! I had been prepared for the tickets to be a bit more pricey that what a pre-bought tickets would've been, but I never imagined it to be that expensive. I asked him if he was sure that was the best price and he answered me by saying "Well, Nottingham really is quite far away". Okay, sir. Finally he said I should try the coaches aka. the buses instead, so I did. Maybe, if I had looked around more I could've found a place which sold cheaper tickets, but I was in a big city and in an unknown airport, and at that point my main concern was just getting to Nottingham. So I ended up taking the bus, which was a lot cheaper, but also a much longer trip - almost 5 hours in total! In the end it wasn't that bad - the bus drivers very very kind and friendly, the bus was empty so there was a lot of room and not a lot of noise, I didn't have to change buses which I would've had to done on the train and I got two more hours of sleep on the bus!
A snapchat collage of the journey so far

Once I got to Nottingham, I hopped in a taxi and in less than 10 minutes I was at my destination. I checked in at the reception and was given the keys to my room. I live at the top floor of block 3, and in my hallway there are 6 bedrooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms. The room itself is pretty nice, although at first it felt a bit strange having lived in a 2 bedroom apartment for 3 years to switch to a single room with shared kitchen and bathrooms. It's an experience, I guess! My window outlooks the inner yard and I get some natural light in my room. I have lots of storage, a desk to write at, a big bed and a pinboard. The only negative so far is that there is no outlet next to my bed, but that can be fixed with an extension cord. The other negative thing is that the kitchen and the bathrooms are an absolute mess! There was no toilet paper in one of the bathrooms, the toilets were really dirty and so was the sink. In the kitchen, there were food stains and dirty dishes left in the corner (for God knows how long) and the fridge was also very dirty, plus they had no system as to where each housemate should put their own stuff, which I feel like would make a lot more sense than just having everybody's stuff mixed. I didn't really buy much today, just some milk and butter, but I definitely hope we can come up with some shelf order to make things easier.

I didn't have much time to worry about the dirty kitchen because I had to go in town to buy a duvet and some pillows for my bed. I would say that the city center is a 20-25 minute walk from my room, but I pretty much walked around to see what I could find and where. In the end I did find what I was looking for at John Lewis for a very affordable price too - a duvet and two pillows for 20 pounds! And they were actually soft too! I also saw that in one of the malls they had an Urban Outfitters, Accessorize and River Island! I don't think I need to describe how that makes me feel!

After walking around for a couple of hours I realized I still had to find my way back, go to the store and I only had 1 % battery left! So I settled for a Tesco's and got something to eat (which I hadn't done all day, btw) and something for tomorrow morning. I'll probably go for a bigger shopping round tomorrow to the Lidl which is right across the street. I might also buy some cleaning equipment and toilet paper, 'cause I am definitely not cooking in a kitchen that looks like that!

I got a little surprise gift pack which included this really cute totem bag!

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