Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hanging out with Robin Hood

Today me and André continued to explore around Nottingham. At first we went to see the castle, which was a 5 minute walk from the city center. We didn't actually go inside the castle though, because the entrance fee was 7 pounds, and neither of us really had a huge urge to see the castle from the inside (I mean, I've visited lots of castles and they pretty much look the same inside either way). Instead, we just on walked around the area close to the castle, and saw, took a picture with the Robin Hood statue, and saw the oldest pub in England!

Sherwood Forest is actually something like 25 km from the city center, but you can still find Robin Hood right next to the castle!

We continued on towards the city center and happened to walk past Nottingham Contemporary, which had a free art exhibition. The exhibition was called "The Place is Here" and on their website it says that "the staring point for this exhibition is a pivotal decade for British culture and politics: the 1980's"(just to give you an idea). Many of the pieces had to do with race, which was particularly interesting to me because my course "Black writing in Britain" begins tomorrow!

I feel like the issues addressed in the exhibition have never been more relevant than now, and that's a scary thought. 

Art can be found all around the city - visit the lace market for cool wall murals and paintings! (and cool doors)

After the gallery we decided to look for a place to eat, and we ended up at Faradays. André had some calamari as an appetizer and chicken as his main dish, while I took the beer-battered cod with chips. André really liked his dish and I thought mine was fine. I felt like having fish'n'chips but while eating it I remembered how every fish'n'chips I had in Edinburgh was always unsalted and really greasy, which is how the dish is apparently made everywhere. So it wasn't amazing, and my water glass was really dirty but maybe if I had taken something else it would've tasted a bit better... I don't know, maybe my standards are just really high, coming from Finland? Especially in Turku right now we have a really great restaurant scene - maybe I've been spoiled by too many good restaurants?

Us being all cute today//Me and André thought it was funny that the best fish'n'chips we've tasted was in our hometown Turku//Another cool door

After the lunch we walked to the bus station and on the way the Nottingham wheel looked so beautiful against the dimming sky. We also made a quick stop by Lidl and were disappointed to see that they were out of the amazing cookies we bought a couple of days ago. We're planning on spending the rest of the night in our pajamas, catching up on some TV series. Tomorrow I'm going to my lecture at nine and then I'll meet André for lunch somewhere close to the train station, before he leaves to York again, and after that I still have to travel back to my campus for a seminar. It's a bummer to say goodbye to André again, but luckily I don't have to miss him for long - I'm planning on visiting him in York in two weeks time!

And it looked so much better IRL!

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