Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Full Moon Bar Crawl

As promised, here is the post about the bar crawl last week!

The whole event started at a bar called Retro Rooms. The theme was full moon and we got our faces painted with neon colours by Lisa and Josefiina! At each bar we got a free drink, so the drinks, the face paint and the a free admission to the club, which was the last place we went to.

We stayed in Retro Rooms for about an hour and a half, after which we made our way to the next bar which was called Pit and Pendulum. It was essentially a heavy metal bar, and although I don't really listen to that sort of music (despite being from Finland, with the most heavy-metal bands per capita in the world) but the decor and interior design was very cool, plus they had drinks which were named after the seven deadly signs, which I definitely want to try some time!

The last bar we visited was Lace House, but I had actually been there the night before so it was noting new. I have to say that although Lace House is very cool, it was waaay to small for our crowd of a hundred plus people, and the music was SO LOUD (again). You could literally not hear anything and we were all shouting to each other. Plus the free "drink" we got had essentially no alcohol in it, I saw when they made them and the plastic cups in which they were served had not even a centimeter of vodka on the bottom of the glass. So I would say out of the three places, Lace House was the biggest disappointment, unfortunately. 

Josefiina and Lisa decided to take a nap at Lace House 

The club we went to after the bars was called Pryzm. At first I was a little bit skeptic of how the night would turn out - first the security was really strict! They patted down everybody and checked literally every little pocket in my bag. But then again, I know that's only for my own protection, but I did kinda feel like I was at the airport or something. Then when we got in, there were a lot of people who came in at the same time, so it looked like the club was going to be really crowded. BUT as soon as we got inside we noticed how big the whole place was - they had four different rooms playing different music and they all had their own bars, so you could easily get a drink (not like in bars in my hometown, where you have to wait 20 minutes..). And I really enjoyed the music in almost very room. We danced to the Killers, Swedish House Mafia, Grease, Drake... I think there was something for everybody. So I ended up having a really fun evening and I woke up without a hangover!

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