Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Escaping takatalvi

This week has already gone by so fast, I can't believe its already Wednesday!

After my classes on Monday, I had some everyday errands to run since I had been gone the whole weekend. Going grocery shopping, cleaning the room and doing laundry. Last time I did laundry here it went fine, but on Monday it was pretty much a disaster! When I got the clothes out of the washing machine, they were still soaking wet! I know that this happens some times because honestly, the machines are really crappy and they're being constantly used everyday, so I can imagine that they break down. Since I don't have any place (yet) in my room to put my clothes to dry, I just thought I would try to twist most of the water and put them in the dryer, and hopefully they would get dry. The problem then was that all of the dryers were taken although I saw that most of them had already finished the program. So basically people were being lazy and not picking up their laundry in time, which means that I had to wait an extra 20 minutes... I just find that so annoying!

Eventually, someone came to pick up their laundry and I could put my clothes in the dryer. But when I came to pick them up I noticed that the dryer I had used had apparently broke down in the middle of the program, or a piece inside the dryer had come off, and there were holes in two of my shirts. The other one wasn't that bad, because it was just a cheap top which was pretty worn down anyways. But the other shirt was a shirt I got from André for my birthday, and now I can't use it anymore. Although I have seen that it is apparently in style to wear shirts with holes in them now, so maybe I'll just be fashionable?

So Monday kinda sucked, but Tuesday was a lot better. I had a day off from classes, so I slept in which felt heavenly compared to the 6.45 wake up I have on Monday and Wednesday. I took it real easy in the morning and at noon I went to the city campus gym for a spinning lesson. It was only 30 minutes long and I think the classes I've taken in Finland have been more demanding, but it was still fun to get back on the bike. Plus I got to explore the gym a bit more - so far I've only gone to the basketball sessions so I haven't actually seen what it looks like. It was quite small but everything was new and fresh which was nice!

Later in the evening I went to Anne's place and had dinner with some of the girls. It was really nice just preparing some food (even though I didn't do anything, haha), having some wine and chatting. Those are the kind of things I prefer to do, rather than going out somewhere where its too crowded and too loud. After the dinner we went to check out an Open Mic Night at the Loft in the city campus. First when we got there the first two acts were rappers and they were... maybe it's best that I don't express my opinion in case they happen to stumble upon this blog. But the rest of the acts were playing acoustic guitar and singing, which I definitely preferred!

I also managed to facetime Julle, which was really nice 'cause I haven't properly talked to my friends since I came here//At the Open Mic Night//Started reading the book for next week, just 300 or so pages to go//Chai latte moment

Today I've been to my American Topics lecture and seminar, and although I really enjoy the course the reading is definitely heavy. For next week I have to read Song of Solomon which is over 300 pages long, plus Lolly Willowes for another course. I'll try my best to get through it, but realistically I think I won't make it, unless I lock myself in my room (which I don't want to do). After my seminar I also had a quick coffee with Sarah at Cafe Nero, and now I'm just taking it easy before going to the basketball session at 7. 

Despite the disastrous laundry session and the hundreds of pages I have to read I have one thing to be extremely happy about - in Nottingham today, it was 12 degrees and sunny, and although the wind was chilly, at least it's not snowing like in my hometown! So happy to escape the takatalvi which is what we call the cold spell in Spring!

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