Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 2 in the Notts

Do they call it the Notts? I don't know but that's what I'm calling it now!

Day two and I'm still alive! I actually slept pretty well, which isn't strange 'cause I was so tired after all the travelling and walking around. I only woke up briefly at 5 when somebody from the hall apparently came home from a bar (they didn't make that much noise though, considering what it could've sounded like), but I pretty much went right back to sleep after that. I had my alarm set at 10 but actually woke up at 8, so I decided to make some instant coffee (yum....) and do some research on my courses and the books I would be needing. There were a lot of them, btw.

At noon I made my way to the city center, by bus this time. The bus stop is right across the street and the buses leave every 5 minutes, which is good since I have to take 2 buses to get to my university. Once I got to the city center, I wandered for a bit trying to find the NCT Travel Center, where I could buy a bus card. It turned out that I needed my student ID card to do that, but I was headed to campus to do that anyways. 
Some pics I snapped on the way today. There's this huge Paris wheel in the old market square which apparently is only there a few months every year. If I conquer my fear of heights, I might try it out (but maybe not)

I was a little scared because google maps had informed me that the bus ride from the city center to my campus would be 45 minutes long! But as per usual, google maps was wrong and the bus ride was actually just about 20 minutes.  Obviously finding the correct bus stops took a bit more time, but now that I know where I'm going and where I need to be, I don't think my travel time will be as long as I first feared. 

When I got to the campus, I went to collect my Student ID and I paid a fee so that the ID card could be used as a bus pass. Since I'll be travelling by bus almost everyday, I figured it would be easier (and cheaper) to buy a pass that was valid for three months, rather then pay the 3,5 pond all day travel ticket everyday I took the bus. Plus, you have to have exact change every time you buy a ticket, which is kinda inconvenient if you don't have any coins in your wallet!

I also had lunch at the campus, which was very nice btw. Everything was brand new and the cafeteria was very big. For lunch you could buy the special of the day, wraps, sandwiches, salads or you could choose from different items and build your own lunch. I got the special because I figured it would be the only "proper" meal I have today (still don't have a pot to cook anything in). The meal consisted of some sort of thin sliced meat, potatoes, mashed potatoes, vegetables, a weird bun and some gravy. Very British. It was ok, I guess? Maybe a bit bland but it was a hot meal! Tomorrow I'm definitely trying the baked potato, 'cause I love me some baked potato. 

The loaf was weird, it smelled like a pancake but didn't taste like one?

I also spotted a bookstore on campus, so I went in to see if they had any of the books I needed. They had all the books I needed, they even had them in packages which included all the books you needed for a specific course. It's obviously a bit annoying that you have to buy so many books when there's no way you can take them with you home (at least not the majority of them...) but then I saw that they also sold second hand books. So I went ahead and bought 5 books which I'll be needing for my "Black writing in Britain" course, and I got them all for 30 pounds or something. If I bought them new, they would've been close to 50, so I was very excited.

And these are just the books for one of my three courses! I told the lady working there I'd be back tomorrow :D

Speaking of cheap, I also visited poundland where (almost) everything is a pound. I got a frying pan for 4 pounds! I have to go there again, it was great.

So my day has been full of fixing stuff again, and I also cleaned the toilets (you're welcome housemates) and I'm planning on tidying the kitchen a bit before making something to eat. Tomorrow I have an induction meeting at 10, so I'll get to try out my bus card and my navigation skills. Tomorrow I'll also try to fix a prepaid card for my phone, so that I don't have to rely on WiFi  all the time(although, I do have WiFi in my room, in the buses, in the city center and on campus so will I really need one? I'll go in tomorrow and see what kind of deals there are). But most importantly, ANDRÉ IS COMING TO VISIT ME TOMORROW! It's been a month since I last saw him and I'm so happy that I finally get to hug him!

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