Monday, February 13, 2017

Comparing countries

Turku today vs How Nottingham felt today...
(Just to be clear, neither of the pictures are mine, the first one is from the site LoveTurku on Facebook and the second one I googled)

Everybody has been posting beautiful pictures of the sunset in my hometown today, while here it was grey, cold and raining 'slask' (a swedish word for snow which is not quite snow, but not really water) and it made me think of all of the things I have noticed in the last week and a half, which are different compared to Finland:

*The houses have terrible insulation. While it's certainly cold in Finland, it is not cold inside of the houses, which is the case over here. For me it's actually quite fine because I'm always hot and if I get too cold, I'll turn the battery on, but I know that many of the other exchange students have very cold rooms and are freezing at night. 

*Dogs walk without leashes. I don't know how true this is for every dog owner, but when I was in Scotland a couple of years ago, and actually today too, I saw that people took their dogs out for walks in the city, but they were walking freely without a leash on. I just think that's amazing - how do they do it? Our dog could never do that!

I still think Maya is the best dog, even if she can't walk without a leash on!

*The taps. Don't even get me started on the taps - you know where you have one tap with boiling hot water and one with freezing cold water. So annoying and inconvenient!

*Small grocery shops. Especially in the city, a lot of people buy their food from small shops such as Tesco's express and Sainsbury's local. I think most people in Finland avoid shopping in small stores, because it's more expensive. Maybe that's not the case here, but I'd rather do my weekly shopping at a big grocery shop than in a small city shop!

*This last one is maybe a little bit strange, but in my University everybody leaves their coats at a coat rack while they have lectures and seminars. At my Uni in England, I have to drag my jacket with me everywhere, which I find a bit annoying. I understand that it is a very big campus compared to my home Univesity, but I guess I'm just used to trusting that people won't steal my stuff. I mean I've left my keys and my wallet by accident (a couple of times, actually) at my University, and I've always found them where I left them or in the lost and found!

Now that I've written it down I realize I might sound a bit negative, but there are a lot of good thing's I've noticed too, like the buses which run every 7 minutes (which means you usually don't have to wait more than a couple of minutes for a bus), the newly renovated campus which has it's own sports hall, restaurant, bar, coffee shop and bookstore and in general I think it's cheaper than in Finland. I still think it's very interesting seeing the differences between two countries, even if they are relatively close to each other!

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