Monday, February 20, 2017

Clifford's tower

My Sunday in York started off real nice and mellow, just having breakfast together in the room, laying in bed until noon and watching youtube videos, which is how I prefer my Sunday to look, really. We decided to go in to town to have some late lunch, but before that I wanted to take some picture's of the Clifford's tower or York castle, as it is also called. Since we were already by the castle, we thought we might as well pay the entrance fee and have a look inside. You could climb all the way to the top of the wall and basically see the whole city! It was very cool but I'm pretty scared of heights so I was glad to get down from there.

We had dinner at an Asian place called Red Chilli where you could sort of mix and match, and choose different entrees and a main course. We tried the spring rolls, sweet and sour ribs and prawn toast and for my main course I went really basic and had chicken fried rice. But you can never go wrong with that, it's a safe choice!

My train didn't leave until half past 8, but as the hours went by I grew more and more anxious. I had such a fun weekend and honestly, André is my favorite person to just hang with and spend my time with. So I felt really sad when it was time to say good bye. It's not that I can't manage by myself - the days here in Nottingham go by really quickly, especially with classes and hanging out with the other international students. But when you've been together with someone for 2,5 years, and you lived with them for a year and saw each other pretty much daily.. it's hard to go from that to living in a room alone. I guess it's good that we're learning to be apart from each other and I know we're lucky to even be seeing each other this often - many other exchange students will be apart from their SO's for much longer times! Besides, André is already coming here next weekend, so I won't have to spend a lot of time away from him!

One of my favorite pictures I took in York!

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