Friday, January 27, 2017


These last couple of days have been pretty chill. Yesterday I basically just worked on my essay (I know I know, but I'm almost finished! Just three more pages to go!) and went to the gym in the evening. The highlight of my day (and every day, really) was face-timing André. Yesterday especially I was really missing him and wished he was here so that I could hug him. It's been hard being away from someone you've spent almost every single day with for the past two years. Luckily he's planning to come and see me pretty much as soon as I get to Nottingham, so that's basically less than a week (yay!).

Today I met up with Cristel and Henny in the city center for lunch. It was nice just to get out of the house and hang out with some people and not just a dog (don't get me wrong, Maya is pretty much my best friend at this point but playing with the chewed up Homer toy get's a bit boring, ya know). Me and Cristel also hung out at her place and just talked, before we went to Saaristobaari to meet with Julle who's shift started at 6. That was the plan at least, but when we got there it turned out that Julle was on cleaning duty, so we didn't really see her that much. But we still stayed for one drink and then I took the bus home. I also made some delicious taco pie for the family, 'cause I'm the queen of pies!
Before the dance class at the gym//Me and my best friend//Facetime-time

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