Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#tb2016: Germany & Denmark

In May 2016 my history course arranged a 4 day trip to Germany and Denmark. I had never been to either of the countries before so I thought it was a great opportunity to go, especially since the trip was funded so we basically got it for free! Those four days were very hectic - each night we spent at a different hotel so I was super exhausted after the trip. We started off in Lubeck where we spent one night, then drove in a bus to Sonderborg in Denmark where we spent one night and lastly drove to Hamburg where we spent the last night and then flew home. Yes, a lot of travelling in 4 days!

Lubeck was the prettiest city in my opinion

In Lubeck we visited a museum and took a tour of the city, but the thing I remember the best is obviously the beer. Not usually a huge beer fan, but I actually had two of those huge pints. When in Rome Germany, right?
My group got the best room in Denmark - look at that view

We all live in a grey submarine

Not how I imagined Denmark to look... beaches? Sign me in!
In Sonderborg, Denamark we visited a viking village and learned about the conflicts at Slesvig and Hollstein. We also visited a WW1 submarine and a memorial site for the fallen soldiers of WW1. Apparently Hitler was one of the guests of honor during the initiation of the memorial site, which also makes it a historically significant place. The craziest part was that we climbed all the way to the top of the memorial site, it was kinda scary to be honest but the views were amazing!
Exploring local cuisine aka Burger King

The small tiles on the road had names of Jewish people who had lived in the houses before the Holocaust, and they could be found all over Hamburg. The idea was that when you drove or walked over them, you could feel the tile and be reminded of the past and the people who had suffered greatly. We should never forget them.

Eddie thought it was funny to make memes out of me. Apparently this is supposed to mean "Bitch, I will cut you" in German
In Hamburg we also took a tour of the city both by foot and by boat. And of course, we had to go and visit Reeperbahn. We ended up in some pub that was really popular by the locals, I don't think I've ever been in such a cramped place. 

All in all the trip was a great success and I had lots of fun with my classmates!

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