Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#tb2016: Florida (2/2)

I'm back with my last throwback post (I think, there are still some other stuff i haven't mentioned but I might just compile those into one bigger post) and it's about our latest trip which was in December 2016. This time we had rented a house in Hollywood with another family, so it was our first time travelling with them and visiting this particular area. I think we were all very happy with out house, everybody got their own room with a TV and we had a pool in the backyard!

The first two days were a little bit cloudy, but we still went and chilled by the beach which was a 5 minute car ride from our house!

The boardwalk was very pretty!

One new thing I got to experience was an American football game! I've been to NHL games a couple of times but I've never been to NFL game, and even though I'm not a huge american football fan, it was definitely an experience I recommend for everybody. The whole event is just larger than life and the players are truly treated as superstars. Plus, the crowd is very high energy throughout the game and keep on cheering and dancing and screaming, even though the games are like 3-4 hours long. It's not cheap though - tickets were close to 100 dollars and parking was 40 dollars! At least the Miami Dolphins won!
Before the game with my "little" brother... we're the same height, eek! 

It was just me and the boys at the game!

We also made a short trip to Key West which is the most southern point in the United States. I've been there once before many years ago, but it was still fun to experience it now that I'm a bit older (especially 'cause Key West is known as a bit of a party place). We also drove through Key Largo which is where we stayed last year. 

At this bar you could write your name on a 1 dollar bill and staple it somewhere in the bar. The whole ceiling and all the walls were covered in bills and now there's a memory of there us as well!
If you stand here, you're closer to Cuba than Miami which is pretty insane to think about. 

The only picture of the whole crew we have!

The rest of the pictures are just random ones from the trip:

These pictures make me miss him :(

A couple of years ago we visited this crazy Christmas house and I really wanted to go back and see if it was still there, and it was! It was still pretty crazy,  the whole house is literally covered in Christmas lights.

South Beach is a must!

This is the view we said goodbye to. It is quite depressing to go from this to grey and cold Finland!

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