Tuesday, January 10, 2017

#tb2016: Florida (1/2)

Since I've been gone I've taken two trips to Florida. The first one was in December 2015 with my family and André and we also stayed a little less than a week in Charlotte, North Carolina where my aunt and her husband are currently living. I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and provide you with short captions instead of doing a full post explaining everything!

The pool

The view

I guess I'll start with the house. Originally, we were going to rent an apartment from a friend of ours. Unfortunately (or I guess I should say fortunately...?) he noticed like three days before we were going to arrive that the whole building was in renovation. He made some calls and managed to find us another place - a friend of his had this summer house in Key Largo which was empty and we would get it for the same price as the apartment. He didn't really know what to expect but O M G. The house was H U G E. IT WAS A 4 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE! Me and André literally had our own wing which had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was so big it was almost creepy. So that's where we stayed for two weeks. It was pretty crazy.

Pad thai and sushi

The pizza story is one of my favorites 'cause it was during the first days of our stay and it was just a kinda weird and funny encounter with a guy working at Papa John's pizzeria. So we were getting lunch from Papa John's and since none of us has eaten there before, we didn't know what to get. We all ordered medium pizzas, and the cashier goes: "You're all eating medium pizzas? Why don't you get the large pizzas, they're the same prize". So we change our pizzas to large and he goes: "Seriously, you're all having large pizzas? I mean that's a lot for five people". HE WAS THE ONE WHO SUGGESTED IT! It was weird and he was so judgey, like, don't judge my pizza preferences please!

1. Breakfast and a book 2. We fished from the pier by our house and I threw the fishing rod in the ocean, lol. Dad swam after it, luckily there were no alligators 3. Across the street from our house there was a cute little café called "Harriet's". We got the table with the little christmas tree!

We spent Christmas in North Carolina which was so much fun. I love seeing my family and Tessa's and Adam' house was juts so beautiful. We were expecting colder weather but on Christmas morning it was like 20 degrees Celsius outside so we got a pretty warm Christmas after all!

The boys went go carting but I was really sick that day and felt terrible, which was kind of a bummer. Luckily cuddling with Lulu made me feel much better. Also, these pictures of André and Lulu are my favorites of all time. They just look so awkward and kinda alike? 

Last but not least, the whole gang 💜 I love my family and I miss my Americans like crazy!

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