Monday, January 16, 2017


I'm back from Pori and I'm alive (barely...). It was an interesting trip to say the least 😏

On Friday we basically just chilled out. I have to say that Emppu has painted a pretty grim picture of the city but it was a lot bigger and a lot more "modern" than I had expected, I mean they had Burger King for crying out loud. I get that she's not really keen on living there when everybody she cares about lives in Turku, but Pori was a lot nicer than I expected. Of course, I've only been there for one weekend so what do I know!

On Friday we also had dinner at a chinese place that was right next to where Emppu lived. It was... ok I guess? Nothing special, we were the only ones there and the menu had spelled chicken as "shiken" so I guess that says it.

On Saturday we decided to do some shopping. It's so typical that I was the only one who was actually looking for something (a backpack, more on that later) and I ended up being the only one who didn't buy anything. After a couple of hours we noticed a huge crowd gathering and some loud music started to play in the mall. We rushed to the scene and it was none other than the Scandinavian hunks! If you don't know the Scandinavian hunks, they're a show group of men who dance with very little clothes on. Basically Magic Mike but less Channing Tatum and more "hey-i-cant-dance-but-i-have-big-muscles-so-thats-hot-right". It's pretty terrible but also everything. We we're basically the only ones screaming and shouting in the mall though, Finnish people are NOT into that, you should've seen the look on the grandma standing next to us, she was not having it! 

After the show we actually got a picture with one of the members and a signed poster. How lucky aren't we?
After shopping we picked up Isa and went and got some food and drinks. The plan was to get ready and head out to a club later on. We had a blast eating, drinking and dancing. It wasn't until 11 pm that things started going south. I hadn't had that much to drink honestly, I wasn't even finished with my second cider when I started feeling really ill. My stomach was hurting (probably cramps 'cause my period had just started) and I felt nauseous. All day I had been drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, but I hadn't felt the need to go to the bathroom once. I ended up throwing up all the water from that day and instantly felt better. I still decided it was best that I just stay home and don't go to the club, since my body was still recovering from the stomach flu I had earlier in the week. It was a bit of a bummer, but I didn't wanna risk anything. So the girls went off without me, and I stayed in bed and felt a bit sorrry for myself.

I dídn't have to do that for long, because 40 minutes later I got a call from one of my friends (not gonna say who it was, you know who you are) saying they were wayyyy to drunk and needed to come home. The rest also came home like an hour after that so really I didn't miss anything! All in all we have lots of fun memories from that night, despite it not turning out how we planned 😊
So full of hope and expectations

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