Sunday, January 29, 2017

Plätt party

This Sunday has been mellow and easygoing. I sent in my essay (finally, now I can stop talking about it) and spent the afternoon researching Nottingham. It's a bit hard trying to figure out things like which buses to take without actually having been there. But I'm sure everything will get sorted once I get there!

I've also been obsessively watching the Late Night with Seth Meyers segment "A Closer Look" and The Daily Show video clips on YouTube. Mostly the issues they address are about politics so you can imagine it's basically all about Trump at the moment. It's crazy to me how many insane things he has said in just the past few weeks alone, and to be honest, I think many of us are wondering what will become of this presidency. Especially when people with no qualifications are put in high positions. Just look at the video clip and you'll understand what I mean:

  Really, BEARS in schools is her answer? She can't be serious...

In lighter news, I went to a power class and I didn't throw up in the middle of the class like last time (stomach flu) which was a relief. I also made some "plättar" for my family. The reason I say plättar and not pancakes is because pancakes are fluffy and thick, whereas plättar and thin like crepes. Anyways, they were delicious!

The thing we learned about plättar today was that even if it feels like you could go for a third one after two, don't. It's almost always a mistake. 

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