Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Plans in January

It still feels weird being back on the blog. I feel like there's so much to tell from the previous year but I still want to update about things that are going on right now... I'll have to try to balance it out I guess. 

Anyways, I have quite a busy January despite not having school or any work. Well, the school part isn't completely true because I still have one essay to write for a course from last year and then I have one history course which is sorta like an "independent study" course, so you just read the material yourself and write an essay. I also had my latin exam (yes, I studied latin, NOT by choice) a week ago and it actually went really well!

At the moment I also have a table at a flea market (Table 238 at Manhattan Kirppis-Center if anyone is interested! L O W  P R I C E S!) and so far I have like 20 euros in sales so I still have lots of things to sell. On Friday I'm going to Pori with my friends Julle and Isa to hang out with my friend Emppu who is doing her pilot studies over there (yeah, she's studying to become a pilot, that's so badass). She very recentlu got her own place so we're having a girls night in Pori and I'm looking forward to it a lot! 

Other than that I've mostly just done some schoolwork, worked out, hanged with friends and family and fixed things for my exchange, which I will do a separate post about later. And I've made sure to have a facetime-date with André every night to hear about his day in York as well. Now I gotta get back to writing, these essays wont finish themselves, unfortunately...

This picture is from a couple of months ago when my lovely friend Mira dyed my hair for me. It had kinda purple/reddish undertones and I loved it! Doesn't look like that anymore though, after the Floridan sun my hair is back to good ol' brown. 

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