Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Last thoughts

The last of the packing is done. I think I've remembered even the things I was almost forgetting - the hairdryer, that scarf, that dress I was planning on taking with me but couldn't find... they're all in the suitcase. 

I've gotten a lot of messages from people wishing me safe travels, which is nice. This is the first time I fly alone, before I've always gone with my family or with my friends. Then again, I was always the "mom" in the group who took care of the check-in and the bookings. I was always in charge of finding our way to the hotels and finding our way around so I don't think I'll have a problem with that. And from my experience and what I've heard, people in England are very helpful. 

I have a long day of travels ahead of me. First I'll be taking the bus from Turku to Helsinki. My flight leaves at 8, so the bus I'm taking leaves in the middle of the night. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep before I have to go but I'm still planning on face-timing André and doing my hair tonight so I'll have something to do until it's time to go. I always like curling my hair when I'm travelling - I have found that my hair gets very flat and oily whenever I travel or fly, but when I curl it my hair feels "fresh" longer, if that makes any sense. My flight is to London and I'll arrive approximately at 9 local time. From there I'll have to take a train to Nottingham. I haven't bought a ticket yet, I figured it would be easier to buy one once I'm there, since I don't know exactly when I'll be done with baggage claim and so on. Lastly, I'll take a taxi to my accommodation. From what I've gathered, the taxi ride should take no more than 10 minutes. 

It's good that I'm arriving relatively early, because I'll probably need to do some shopping on my first day. Not only do I need to get some groceries, but I'll also have to buy a duvet and a pillow. I've already googled a few places to get them cheap. I figured since I'm only staying for approximately 4 months, as long as I have some sort of duvet, I'll be good.

Today has been a bit surreal, because I've just been at home, waiting for the day to pass. As the hours have gone by, gradually I've become a little more nervous but mostly I'm excited. It's also a huge relief knowing that tomorrow I'll be in the same country as André and that I'll see him as soon as Friday!

The next time I write here, will be when I'm in England! See you then!

(Although I've never been to England or Nottingham, I have been to Edinburgh in Scotland and I can imagine that at least parts of where I'm going look similar to this?)

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