Friday, January 13, 2017

I almost thought I got away with it...

...that is being sick. This terrible stomach flu has been tormenting my family for the past month. It started when we were on our holiday in Florida, and the son of our friend who was house sitting and dog sitting got sick. One week later, just before new year's eve my brother got sick and was throwing up all night. Me and André weren't even home at the time, since we were visitng his family in Österbotten so we thought we might avoid it. But one week later, André caught it, ONE DAY before he was supposed to leave to York. He obviously had to cancel and book a new flight. The positive was that I got to spend two more days with him, but on the downside I figured there was an even bigger risk of me getting it as well.

I was feeling fine until two nights ago, right before my Power-class. I figured I was just dehydrated and drank a ton of water, and I managed to get through the first half of the class, but then I really started feeling weak and my arms were literally shaking. I had to put back all the weights and equipment I had gathered and told the instructor I felt really sick and had to leave. I went straight to the bathroom at my gym and threw up. I feel sorry for the people in the stalls next to me, they probably thought I either had an eating disorder or that I had had a really hard workout. All I could focus on while driving home was not to throw up. I didn't and I feel very proud of that!

All Wednesday night I spent on the bathroom floor, I don't think you need a visual. Although I "only" threw up for about 5 hours, I couldn't really sleep all night 'cause my whole body was aching. But I spent the entire next day sleeping, resting and hydrating and now I'm feeling close to normal. I've mostly drank a lot of water and I've been very careful about eating. I'm still going to Pori today, luckily today we're just planning on chilling and watching a movie so I'm sure I'll feel even better tomorrow. 

Yey, fun story right? I guess the moral of the story is: it doesn't matter how hard you try to avoid the stomach flu, if you get it, then you get it and you just have to suffer through it. At least I got a sort of January cleanse going? 
In lack of a better pictures, here's one from the summer when I was laying on the couch all day long, but definitely feeling better than two days ago!

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